I reminisce about Warcraft,

Of epic drops, and dungeons past.


I think of all the lessons learned,

Of friendships made, and bridges burned.


I think about the endless grind,

And friends on vent, just passing time.


I remember now those who deceived,

I think of plans, and goals achieved.


I think about the epic kills.

One left standing as the boss goes still.


I think of those who got the boot,

For epic whine, over epic loot.


I think about a guild long gone,

And how its core has carried on.


I think about whats coming next,

Will I be up to the Litch Kings test?


Will I log in to hear folks wail,

It’s Dechion, of epic fail?


Or will the things I’ve learned before

carry through on Northrends shore?


I guess I’ll have to wait and see,

For now, today is where I’ll be.