Of Beastmastery and Ferocity, and why I specced that way


Apparently I somehow managed to come down with something resembling the flu. Either that or there are small persons trapped inside my head trying to smash their way to freedom with tiny hammers. Regardless of the fact that my nose will not stop running (yes, I know, go catch it) and the fact that apparently someone ninja’d their way into my bedroom while I was napping and replaced all my joints with those of an arthritic 127 year old, I still have a post to write.

Brb, need meds.

And coffee….. Lots of coffee.

Ok, back.


I wrote and article a few days ago that pointed out my general opinions on pet and hunter talent specs, and how I plan to spec my other hunter Beastmastery/Tenacity. If you have not done so, please check it out here.

Go ahead, I’ll be here when you get back. Here, I’ll even put in a picture for the rest of us to ponder while you catch up.



Back? good.

Today I am going to look at my other hunter and how she will be leveling Beastmastery/Ferocity. As of now I plan to start at 70 with this build on my Hunter and this one on Shadow (who happens to be a cat). I will likely work towards these builds at 80. 

This is a bit different than the AOE tanking build of my other hunter. My method will involve a lot more single pulls. It will also be more intensive in terms of both mana and focus usage. The specs reflect those changes, dropping Animal Handler in favor of Invigoration at 70 as well as Mortal Shots in favor of Careful Aim and Go for the Throat in the level 80 build.

My tactic using this is mostly making ranged single pulls to my pet. I use a combination of Misdirect, Intimidation, and Bestial Wrath to help maintain aggro. I generally keep Scorpid Sting up on my targets since Shadows armor is less than I am used to playing with. Once the sting is cooking I use arcane and steady shot to burn our target down. Probably going over to Aspect of the Viper every third pull or so.


Blah, my mind is trying to wander. Either that or the cold medicine is starting to kick in.  It seems my train of thought left the station, and I forgot to get aboard.

Pet specs, I was talking about pet specs.


Dammit, apparently all the coffee in my moderately large cup evaporated. There is no way I managed to drink all that in the last 20 minutes.

*Sigh* Brb, need coffee…


Ok that’s better.

Where were we. Oh yes, pet specs.

This is the part of the post where I come up with some witty analogy to show how choosing the talent choices for your hunter and pet is an act of balance. Unfortunately the martian death flu has apparently attacked the analogy part of my brain, leaving me only with ones that involve algebra problems and Gilligan’s Island.

Just ask yourself what the hunter can do to help the pet, and what the pet can do to help the hunter. Does the pet need more focus? Adjust the hunters spec to provide more. Does the hunter run out of mana? Adjust the pets spec to help with mana returns. Remember that any change to one is a change to both and plan accordingly.

Before my mind goes on vacation yet again I think I will close out for today. 


Besides that my coffee cup seems to be empty again, I should go refill it.