I was there

A silence has settled across Azeroth. It seems the land itself is holding it’s breath, both excited and terrified of whats coming next. It is peaceful, but not restful. It is the calm before the storm

The plauge of zombies fades slowly into memory. Soon to become nothing more  than a campfire story for the fresh faced recruits. One more tall tale to entertain as the team gathers at the summoning stone. A way to say, I was there.

We fight the scourge in the outlying areas. They attack and attack, relentless in their determination to stake their claim to Azeroth. We push them back again and again, gathering the Necrotic Runes that the Argent Dawn needs so badly. We are rewarded with a tabard. A way to say, I was there.

There are as many stories as their are people, the mage Larisa for example is a veteran of many campaigns. She has fought bravely against the forces of the burning legion for the last several years. After many battles she finally saw Illidan dead at her feet. Reaching down she took a souvenir. She claimed the Skull of Gul’dan as a trophy of her victory. A way to say, I was there.

The grizzled old Troll lounges in Lands End tavern. He drinks beer and watches the band, relaxing in his retirement. When new faces come to the bar he will often limp over and strike up a conversation. Once he has a drink or two in him he will start telling tales of adventures past. He talks of battles won and lost, and of friends long gone. Absently while he rambles he fingers the worn leather straps of his Onixya Hide Backpack. His way to say, I was there.

Morham runs here and there, from the bank to the auction house and back again. He is gathering supplies for the coming invasion. Getting slowly louder he hears the drums of war once again sounding to the north. As he finishes getting his things in order he decides to go take one last gallop around Elwynn Forest, to plant in his mind a memory of a warm green place. He does not even realize it as he calls Midnight to go for his ride, but the horse itself says something. It tells any that see him, I was there.

Every character is different, each with their own story to tell. Some have never left town, others have been to the very ends of the world and back. As the future comes rushing towards them, just days away, some at least must ponder where they have already been. In their travels they become marked by the journey. They gather everything from trinkets to pets, to titles and more.

What do you carry that says, I was there?