Last minute preperations for WotLK

As I sit here and continue to be beaten about the head and chest by zillions of tiny flu like creatures I ponder Thursdays upcoming release of WotLK. More specifically I am thinking about last minute preparations that I plan to make for both myself and my characters. The wicked combination of being ill and just having returned from a 3 day 1200 mile road trip has left me unable to string two coherent thoughts together. That is how you are getting stuck with my “shopping list” of what to do.

I figure it’s like a grocery list, if I write it down I am less likely to forget it. Yes, not “I won’t forget it”, just “less likely”. you have no idea how many times I go list in hand to the store and still manage to come home without something important, say my car for instance.

See, I lost my train of thought. No, I can’t give a description….I forgot what it looked like.

Where was I… Oh, yeah. Last minute preparations.

Here are some things I plan to do between here and the WotLK launch, in no particular order. Please keep in mind I am whacked out on cold medicine. This is just my list, your mileage may vary.

  • While I am thinking about it, go to the grocery store before Wrath hits. nothing will spoil my day like having to run to the store for something while trying to partake in the awesome lagfest that I am sure is coming.
  • While I am at it find all the chores I can do in advance and do them over the next two days. Less time getting distracted by that pesky “real life” will mean more time to fight 37 other people for 2 arctic boars to get their “arctic boar mountain oysters”.
  • On a side note, did you ever wonder why it’s always like Snouts, Spleens, Gizzards, and Hooves the quest givers want? Why not get like T-bones or tenderloins or something at least kinda useful?
  • Pack everyone for the journey. Make sure all my characters have several stacks of food and water.
  • Clear all their bags. If it’s not required for the business of leveling it goes in the bank.
  • Speaking of needed for leveling, grab my level 70 flasks and elixirs from the bank. I won’t need them for raiding at 80, but those and a few scrolls perhaps will go a long way towards making the harder quests easier.
  • Buff food, Using up my old “raid consumables” made me think of this one. I am thinking I should likely bring a stack or two of appropriate food. (Apparently I need to go do some fishing this afternoon)
  • For long time it has not mattered where I logged of. Wednesday night everyone gets parked at the inn. Rested XP will start to matter again.
  • Kind of second nature I would think, but make sure everyone is repaired. Red gear 30 minutes after I hit the beach would be….. inconvenient to say the least.

I think that about covers everything I can think of right now. I am sure there is more I really should do prior to wrath hitting, like buying arrows for instance. Yes, arrows might come in handy.

Now while I am thinking about it I really should go do some fishing……..