You forgot WHAT!

I was reading a post written by Larisa at the Pink Pigtail Inn this morning. She talked about her experiences with the midnight release of WotLK in her town. I Unfortunately have been a bit sickly of late. That coupled with the fact that I had to be up at 3:30 in the morning kept me comfortably in bed when midnight rolled around.

As one of the comments in her post stated, I think the folks who showed up had more to do with RL responsibilities and schedules than anything else. Here are just a few examples I know of of the top of my head.

This particular 39 yr old had his copy sitting at Best Buy waiting for work to be over the next day. Sick+early to work= Meh, I’ll get it tomorrow.

Then again my 60+ yr old mother in law (Plays a holy priest – and raids) drove about 45 minutes to the next town over to pick up her copy and two for hew middle aged sons that had to work in the morning. (They play a tanking druid and a BM hunter, just in case anyone cares)

I would love to see something like this launch on a Friday night instead of a Wednesday. If the timing would have been different I think we would have seen a totally different crowd.

Now push in the clutch, I am shifting gears.


The funniest story of the midnight release however has to be my friend Wayne.

Just at midnight he arrives at the local Best Buy (is it just me that always tries to type Beast Buy?).

There I go off on a tangent again.  Best buy, check. Midnight, check. Preorder, oops.

Oops as in you lost the ticket, or oops as in you forgot to preorder….  You guessed it, he forgot.

Well seeing the hour and a half long line filled with assorted gamers, and knowing that was the line for preorder pickup, he wandered over to the employee refereeing this whole thing and asked if there were any copies that would be available to those who did not preorder.

After being informed that there were in fact unspoken for copies of both the basic wrath and the collectors edition he asked for one of each.  He then proceeded to walk past hundreds of people who kind of watched in disbelief. He went straight to the empty register, paid for his games and was gone.

He completely forgot to preorder, and as his penalty he was in his car on the way home at 12:04.

Sometimes it pays to be a bit older and more forgetful.

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  1. Having work obligations, I decided not to pick my copy up from a store, but to have it sent to me. Net effect, I managed to sleep, something I wouldn’t have done if I had had a copy of Wrath on my computer.

    Last night it was quite late before I went to bed though 😉

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