Gone Fishing

Many of my plans have changed since I first started planning for Wrath.

Here I wondered if my newest hunter, Dechion, would make 70 before Wrath hit. The answer? No he did not. He in fact made 60 Wednesday evening and is now parked in the inn at Honor Hold waiting for me to get back to him.

I have thought a good bit these last few days about where I want to put my time. I know I will end up with 4 level 80’s it’s just a matter of who gets leveled first. Reading back I actually had some really good thoughts on this that I posted here.

I got the expansion, set it up, and journeyed to Northrend. It is crowded, it is laggy, and I hate fighting for quest mobs. I ask myself, where sould I spend my time……

I need food for the journey anyhow. I think I will just pull out my pony keg, find a nice quiet spot under a tree, and fish.



I hope you are enjoying the journey as much as I am, see you in a few days.

3 Responses

  1. Not a realm first?

  2. Lol, nope.

    Someone must have started fishing soon after they installed and already had it by the time I got off work and installed the game.

  3. Dechion, you rock 😀
    Also, consider me jealous of your uber fishing skill. Still no Wrath at my house.. maybe on Friday, though. On the one hand, I am itching to get going on the new stuff, on the other.. I’m ok with missing out on the huge rush for quest mobs, etc. Not to mention my druid is getting some luff that she sorely needed. 😀

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