Random Acts of Kindness

Yesterday I had an interesting experience. I was happily questing away on Drupadi, slowly crawling my way from 71 to 72.  I don’t know if it was just the area I was in but the asshats seemed to be out in full force. Plenty of mob stealing and such. There were a few examples of people just simply being decent that come to mind.

There was a time when I was grinding the same mobs as a level 71 or so Undead Rogue. We were each keeping to separate ends of the spawn area, in short we were sharing. I look up at one point from the three mobs I had going on my pet (crazy respawn rate) to see a pile of things respawn right on top of the Rogue.

In a streak a Paladin zipped in front of me, already dismounting. He dropped a consecrate right on top of the dog pile that was chewing off the rogues face and proceeded to tank them all while the three of us killed them off. With the respawns down, the friendly pallidan dropped a buff on me. Then he mounted up and headed on his way, asking for nothing but receiving many thanks.

Another time I came to the end of a quest series. One of those that call for you to go kill a named mob that spawns in a cave. I head over expecting the same kill stealing spawn camping a-holes I had kept seeing. I was wrong.

What I saw there at the cave reminded me oddly of the movie Airplane. You know, the scene where everyone is standing patiently in line with pipes and bats and such? The one where they are all taking turns knocking the freaked out passenger back to his senses? Well, it was a lot like that. There was A line about 5 players long standing at the cave entrance. The mob spawns, the first in line tags it, then we all burned it down. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The biggest surprise if the day came when my son (hereafter known as the klutz) decided that falling off the top bunk onto the floor full of Lego blocks seemed like a good idea. Well priorities being what that are as soon as I heard the noise I jumped up from the computer to go check on things. (He is fine)

I come back to the computer about 10 minutes later fully expecting to at least make a corpse run, perhaps even have to log back in depending on how long I had been afk. The scene I saw when I came back made me forget about all the asshattery of the last few days.

I was sitting at about 5% health.

My pet was dead. (he was on defensive, I wonder how many he took with him)

There were so many dead mobs stacked up around me that I could not count them.

And there was a certain Undead Rogue, killing everything that spawned on top of me.

I popped back up from being afk, saluted and thanked the hordie that had watched my back. Then I mounted up and rode back to town. I left secure in the knowledge that while there are asshats out there there are some truly decent folks behind some of the other monitors.