Profession balance, and why it is a bad thing

It appears that I have a bit of a problem.

Blizzard, in their infinite wisdom balanced all the professions. Not only did they balance them, but they made the vast majority of items BOE. That effectively removed “must have” professions from the game.

Now you can have pretty much any combination of trade skills without hindering yourself too much. An excellent idea, I wish they would have had it sooner. Of course now I am stuck trying to figure out where I want to go with trade skills for my characters.

Morham, my priest, will likely stay Tailoring and Enchanting. Lots of time and money already invested there.

Drupadi, one of my hunters, has leveled to 72 so far with Herbalism and Skinning. She will likely stay that way as well. Gathering skills always seem to come in handy.

Dechion, my up and coming hunter, has also leveled with Herbalisim and Skinning. I don’t plan to keep him there. He will likely drop both of those skills once he gets to 80 and pick up Mining and Engineering. I had an engineer before and thought it was fun, not to mention I would then have all three gathering professions covered.

Dekado, my shiny new death knight, may or may not get leveled all the way to 80. However I can at very least level him to 65. Either way, I am thinking right now that he will likely pick up Alchemy and Inscription. That way I would have something to do with all those herbs I have gathered leveling the two hunters.

That seems like a reasonable plan. My problem comes from changing my mind all the time. Hell, when I sat down to write this I still planned to have Leatherworking wedged in there somewhere.

I guess we will see how it goes. Now I am off to go grab a cup of coffee, and to change my mind a few more times.

2 Responses

  1. I tend to stick with what I have. My main has been Herbalist/Alchemist from the beginning. I would hate to loose my collection of recipes from all over 🙂 My secondary main has freshly powerleveled Enchanting + Scribing – she transfered from a PvE server and was Herbs/Alchemie as well.

    I would go with what promises the most profit. I think Jewelcrafting/Mining will be big again but gathering professions as well. The OH already made a nice chunk of gold from skinning Rhinos.

    On the other hand Cooking/Fishing make for nice gold and any character can have that and some other hobbies as well.

  2. […] talked about professions for my characters a few days ago. In that I decided to take a 61 hunter (Dechion) and have him as Mining and Engineering at 80. At […]

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