A prime example of coffee deprivation

The title says it all.

Something happened yesterday when I got to work, something bad. I went about my daily routine, checking all the things I am responsible for for problems, dropping my lunch off for later, and getting settled in for the day. I did this all blissful unaware that a mere 20 feet away trouble was brewing.

Or rather the trouble was it was not brewing.

My office had run out of coffee.

While this may seem like a bit of an inconvenience to most, those who know me well understand the gravity of the situation. Running out of coffee may be less important than running out of some other things such as oxygen, but it is pretty darn close.


Mmmmm coffeee


You see, without my morning coffee people end up being subjected to things like yesterdays rambly little post about Warcraft professions.

My primary point about the balancing act that Blizzard did with them is actually a backhanded compliment. They balanced too well. They in fact balanced so well that I am having a hard time deciding which professions to take for which characters. I would likely have made that point a tad more clearly had my mind been properly caffeinated before sitting down at my keyboard.

Hell, I might have even managed to squeeze a joke or two in there.

On the plus side there is now coffee in the office and all is right in the world. I now return you to your regularly scheduled weekend, already in progress. Have fun, see you Monday.

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