Fishing and cooking 375 to 450, the lazy way

Yes, I know. Spend more than 12 seconds coming up with a title.

The title fits, sue me.

Sometime soon I will be going and updating my guides to leveling Fishing and Cooking to reflect the new changes. Until then I am going to make a bit of a “addon” in the form of this post. Actually it would be more of an appendix, but I don’t like them. They get all sore and painful and have to be removed.

What was I talking about again? Cooking, got it. Train back on track now.

Assuming (yes I know, never assume anything) that if you are reading this you have already maxed out your cooking and fishing skill to 375 and are now looking to head to Northrend and jack them up to 450 with a minimum of fuss. If that is what you want, this may be a bit of help.

FIrst, head to Northrend. It does not matter which way you go or which faction you are. It does not matter which port you go to.

If you are Alliance your choices are Valiance Keep or Valguard Both of which have fishable water inside the safe zones. They also both come equipped with Grand Master Fishing trainers in the form of  Old man Robert at 58.72 in the Borean Tundra and Byron Welwick at 60.64 Howling Fjiord. In addition both areas also have Grand Master Cooking trainers in the form of Rollick MacKreel at 58.71 in the Borean Tundra or Brom Brewbaster at 58.62 in the Howling Fjiord. As if that was not convenient enough they both have inns with a mailbox and a free cooking fire.

If you are Horde your choices are Vengance landing or Warsong Hold but in this case only Vengance Landing has fishable water inside the safe zone. They also both come equipped with  Grand Master Fishing trainers in the form of Angelina Soren at 80.27 Howling Fjiord and Fishy Ser’ji at 42.55 Boren Tundra. Like the Alliance, Grand Master the Cooking trainers are handily located as well. You have your choice of Orn Tenderhoof at 42.54 Borean Tundra or Thomas Kolichio at 78.28 in Howling Fjiord. In addition to that they both have inns with a mailbox and a free cooking fire. On my Horde fisherman I decided to head to Howling Fjiord simply because I could fish right in the town.

The way I went about this one was simple. Train up fishing and cooking, grab a stack of +75 fishing lures from the local vendor, and start fishing.

Note,  the vendors selling +75 lures in the starter towns are as follows:

  • Wink Sprinklesprankle at 58.62 in Valguard
  • Beem Goldsprocket at 58.72 in Valiance Keep
  • Barnabas Frye at 79.30 in Vengeance Landing
  • Brokkan Bear-Arms at 41.55 in Warsong Hold

Grab a soda, turn on some music, and get to fishing.

When your bags start getting a bit full, head over to the inn and cook. When you get to cooking level 400 you have a choice to make. Either keep right on fishing until you hit 450 and cook what you catch, or head over to the pool of your choice and fish up ingredients for the level 400+ buff food.

Personally I just camped out until I hit 450 fishing which took about 3 and a half hours. I was then able to hit 415 cooking just by cooking up everything I had caught so far. As an added bonus, I never had a problem with fish getting away even with only the +75 lure attached.

The main reason I went all the way to 415 in one place is simple. Since every recipe that is still green at 415 requires Northern Spices from the daily quests I wanted to level up as far as I could before needing them. Well, there is one exception in Feast. It is is green till 425, but the materials for it do not come from fishing. Since this is about leveling both together I will just ignore that one.

Speaking of daily quests, that’s your next mission. They are handed out by Katherine Lee at 41.65 in Daleran for Alliance or Awilo Lon’gomba at 70.38 in Dalaran for Horde. Start doing the dailys for the Dalaran cooking awards. They can be spent on either Northern Spices (1 award for 10 spices) or on cooking recipes of level 400+ skill (3 awards per recipe). They each also award a bag of goodies, usually consisting of 3 to 6 Northern Spices and perhaps a few other knick knacks.

Pick the buff food that best suits your character(s) and go fish up whatever it requires. A full listing of the level 400+ recipes can be found HERE. To save you the math, it will take 60 Dalaran Fishing Awards to purchase all 20 of the recipes, and they are BOP.

Myself, I went to Dragonblight and fished up a couple stacks of Dragonfin Angelfish for Blackened Dragonfin. It has carried me to level 424 as of the time I write this, and will carry me to 425 and beyond as I do more dailys and get more Northern Spices. Actually with any luck I will hit 425 today after the dailys reset.

Well, as far as I am concerned that is the end. Once you or I have reached 425 skill there is no recipe in the game we can not cook. I suppose if you are like me and it just bothers you to not have a completed skill you can fish up a bunch of mats and spend your cooking awards on spices just to finish it out. There really is no need however. I suppose the extra 25 skill points are just there so we have something to look forward to while cooking buff food for the next year or so.

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  1. Interesting! I’ve only been fishing on the fly when I see a pool (I love Find Fish!), and I’m waiting to get to Dalaran until lv 74. I got three new recipes as random drops yesterday, which I can’t wait to cook.. mood food is win! 😀

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  3. What a find seeing your blog and what timing as im gonna do more of my fishing tonight i think im only 380 as a lvl 71 but will do my fishing and cooking tonight because im running out of drinks and as a priest i can use a lot but i noticed while fishing one of the fishes that comes a lot lets you get a food that gets mana back too.

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