A little politeness goes a long way

There was a time not so very long ago that I wondered where I would be a few weeks after Wrath went live. I wondered how the new areas would “feel”. That was one thing I really could not check on the Beta. In my opinion the character of the zone, the whole server in fact, is made up from the collection of personalities that hang out there. They were not all in the Beta, so there was no “feel” for the place.

What has the feel been? Mostly positive. The asshats are pretty badly outnumbered by decent folk. I do have one beef however, apparently others do as well. Death Knights who use their purple ray of “get over here, I want to beat on you” to snatch quest mobs away from those who actually are waiting their turn.

Perhaps its just something Arthas taught them in their 3 level Death Knight boot camp.

The worst however so far was a 71 Warrior who was questing away in the Borean Tundra while I was farming there on Drupadi. I can understand his frustration, but before you call someone out at least make sure you know what your talking about. I never actually saw the person, I just got whispered buy him. It went something like this:

  • A-hole [71 Warrior] Thanks for being such a *&$^%. Quit stealing all my mobs you @$#%#$@ Noob. All you have to do is wait your turn like everyone else, a little politeness goes a long way!
  • Drupadi [72 Hunter] I don’t see you, what is it that I am kill-stealing? (wondering if my gorilla was aggroing something I was unaware of)
  • A-hole [71 Warrior] You who I am! I am jumping up and down right behind you! You are stealing all the dogs with your damn purple DK lazer beam! (still don’t know for sure what mobs he meant, perhaps the ones up by Fizzlecranks airport for the poop quest)
  • Drupadi [72 Hunter] I don’t know who you are but I am grinding Caribou for chilled meat, and I am a Hunter not a Death Knight.

crickets chirping awaiting response…………

  • Drupadi [72 Hunter] I understand mistakes can happen and you obviously mistook me for someone else, however a simple “sorry ’bout that” might be in order. After all, a little politeness goes a long way.
  • [You are now being ignored by A-hole]

Judging by the amount of hate and discontent this person was spewing into general chat as well he was “unhappy’ with the current state of the game. More specifically he was unhappy that there were in fact other (gasp) people playing at the same time. Apparently this somehow caused greater inconvenience for him than it did for anyone else. With any luck he will go find something more enjoyable to do with his time.

Perhaps fighting with other kids on the playground over who get to go first in kickball.

6 Responses

  1. People are so silly. I have only played a little on a Death Knight, so my experience with the Purple Ray of Doom is limited at best. But I did have someone in the starting area beam a mob that I had just beamed and snatch it away. Thankfully I had a second to tag it, so they simply ran it back to me and went on their way.

    Myself, I don’t see too much difference between that and the warrior’s charge, or a stealth pounce from a kitty or rogue that I couldn’t see. I have a feeling that the majority of it is “omgihaveacoolnewTOY”, which will eventually die down. A girl can hope, right? 🙂

  2. @Asara I have actually only played my Death Knight to 58 so far. He is parked in Hellfire getting rested for his next push.

    I agree with you on the purple ray of “get over here” being kind of the new toy (for me included). I personally have only seen a few cases where there was mob snatching with it, and they were all in the DK starter zone.

    Then again I have a feeling that nothing anyone said or did would have cheered up that poor warrior I wrote about. Someone must have really ticked him off though.

  3. I’ve been playing a DK for a bit now and the purple hand of death is a really handy pull tool for DK’s. It can be a challenge in an area where a lot of people are questing to not grab something away from another character. I do feel bad when I overstep my boundaries and I apologize, even across factions. Occasionally though there are folks that are rude even after apologizing. I’m sure a bit of it is frustration, but I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned fighting on the playground. It’s always funny when the shoe ends up on the other foot isn’t it?

  4. How ’bout this one:

    I’m fighting a mob by a herb. Duly despatched a waiting elf drood asks if I’m wanting the herb …

    .. and while the conversation takes place someone nips in between the two of us and picks the herb ….


  5. I remember i had my name down for BM with my mage as he was doing the herbing quest and needed the drops.

    I get a group invite and think “cool”.

    I get in and read “ok were at isle lets summon” so i say “erm i had my name up for BM and thats all where are you going mgt?”.

    “Yeah we need a mage” from the warrior, “sorry i only need BM i never had my name for this sorry and GL”.

    30 minutes of random abuse from the warrior because the group dibanded as if it was my fault he randomly invited me to got o an instance i did not want to go to.

  6. […] A little politeness goes a long way […]

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