Running in circles, for fun and profit

It’s not that I don’t feel like posting, It’s just that I don’t have much to say today.

I talked about professions for my characters a few days ago. In that I decided to take a 61 hunter (Dechion) and have him as Mining and Engineering at 80. At that time he was Skinning and Herbing. Since he was just really getting started in Hellfire I decided I would drop Herbing in favor of Mining, keep Skinning for the income it provides, and level Engineering once I hit 80.

Makes perfect sense right?

Until you decide to write about what you have been doing “in game” for the last few days. Mining is a bit over 200 now, 209 If I remember correctly. It is coming along nicely. I figure one more day of doing laps around various zones for skillups will get me to 300. That way I can mine all the outlands deposits I come across while questing.

As an added bonus all my characters are building up rested status while I do this little project, making later leveling faster. An even bigger bonus is that I will have more quests left over to get cash from at 80. Cash? we needs it…. that mammoth won’t buy itself.

The downside? Running circles around Searing Gorge gathering Mithril (got a better place let me know) really does not make for good blogging material. Since I don’t have much to report, and have not worked on my macros any further over Thanksgiving, I figured I would link a few folks who actually have something to say.

First up, Seri from World of Snarkcraft writes an interesting post about account security. I have written about this myself a time or two. Yes I use an authenticator again, I replaced it. Apparently the old one went wherever the missing left socks go, because I never found it.

Second up there are several good posts up with several different views on node stealing, mob camping,  different definitions of asshatedness, and random folks helping each other out, all looking at the way we treat each other “in game”. My own most recent posts on this were just this past week.

As for myself, this weekend should see my Mining caught up with where the character should be for his level, then I will head back to Northrend to burn off all that rested xp. Perhaps then I will have something to talk about.

3 Responses

  1. Contemplating dropping jewel crafting on my paladin for skinning and have him mining/skinning for pure profit like my DK is.

    Just dont know if i can be bothered to go level the skining.

  2. @Esedras Of all the gathering professions skinning is by far the easiest to level.

    It is also pretty profitable while you are leveling, especially when those around you don’t have it. I have not kept a seperate log of skins from random carcasses I come across in my travels, but I have likely gathered at least 5 or 6 stacks in Northrend alone that way.

    A good site for power leveling travel routes is Check in the bottom left of the page for guides.

  3. I got most of my mithril from Tanaris. I did a few circuits and got all I needed for skill-ups.

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