A funny thing happened to me as a sat at my computer this morning. I realised I had quite a few things I would like to talk about, and not enough on any one of them to make a decent post. I could just come on and tell a little story about myWTF did I just do moment yesterday. It would be funny. On the other hand how much can I really write about…

Shut up and tell the story already?

/Sigh Ok, here goes.

There is a group quest in Grizzly Hills to kill a rather large, quite grumpy bear. I am not sure why he is grumpy, something about picnic baskets and a park ranger…..

Oops, wrong bear. Well anyway there is this grumpy bear that has like a bajillion hit points and for some reason I have to put him out of my misery. The object here is to take him down and sprinkle him with ashes from this particular quests “use this on that” Item. You will have an npc volunteer to help you out, this guy can either tank, dps, or heal. I asked him to heal.

Actually you want to grab a group for this one if you can, otherwise it will take forever. Or it will last like 10 minutes, whichever comes first. Well not being the sharpest tool in the shed (possibly more like the old rusty shovel out behind the garage) I decided that with the npc on heals, me dpsing, and Thwack the gorilladin tanking we would be fine. I pulled out a few flasks and scrolls I had laying around in my bags to buff up and got to work.

By the time I was ready a party of three Horde were standing around waiting. Very nice of them to allow me the first shot. Come to think of it though they might have saved themselves a few minutes by helping me take the bear down faster, but as usual I digress.

Thwack held aggro like a pro, the npc kept heals up on him to the point I was able to keep up with heals using mend pet. It was a long, slow, tense fight. I sat there pounding away at him for a solid ten minutes before he finally went down.

How is this funny you might ask? How am I not just bragging? Because what I did next is the same thing I do to any mob I take down, I loot it.

Then the little “don’t forget to take my skin” icon pops up.

Yep, you guessed it. I skinned without using the ashes first. No corpse, no finish the quest, no get my nice new legs.

I think the most precious part was my son, sitting in the room with me watching TV. He glanced up, saw the look on my face right when it happened, and asked….

Did you just jump backwards off a mountain again Dad?

Kids say the darnedest things.


Well, on the plus side I stuck around and helped out the Horde group who did not help me. Once they were done, I used the ashes on his deceased bear butt and went to go get my new legs.

See what I mean? not really enough there to devote a whole article to. Kind of like talking about how I found out that if you accidentally leap backwards off a very tall cliff you don’t always die. Sometimes you actually manage to launch yourself so far off the cliff that you don’t hit the rocks and shallow water at the bottom, instead landing in clear water.

But that’s a story for another day.

5 Responses

  1. Someone needs to start a thread on the Hunter forums that’s just for stories about what silly things you’ve done thanks to the changes they made to Disengage. Because you know we’ve all got them! 😉

  2. Lol, for that quest, I walked up as a Horde Shammy and Druid were killing the bear, helped out, then used the ashes on their kill.

  3. Hehe now THAT was a post worth reading! 😛

  4. I haven’t dusted my hunter off to play with her yet in the expansion, but now that I remember what Disengage does, I may wait. I like that button WAYYYY too much for it not to cause a few silly posts…

  5. […] December favorite is /headdesk. Not so much for the post itself, but for the memories of having a good laugh with my […]

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