Yes Virginia, there are six gathering skills

I was doing a bit of thinking this morning. That’s  something I really should avoid this early since I kinda fail at it, especially before I have my coffee. For instance I was pondering things of such cosmic significance as why Blizzard has not made the best mana regenerating buff food in the game a drink. Then it occurred to me that the way they seem to think it would likely be some form of tea that used Amberseeds to get the proper color, I’ll pass thanks.

Since that train of thought was not making me particularly look forward to my morning coffee I had to jump off and find something else to ponder. So I started thinking about money. Particularly how to afford things like epic flyers for the two characters who do not yet have them, and how to use my trade skills to supplement my little auction house escapades. In short, How not to be broke while leveling.

Thats when it hit me, there are more than the three gathering skills in the game. There are six, and like those pokey men things in the card game my kids play, I plan to have them all.

Mining is pretty self explanatory, as are Skinning and Herbalism. The three “traditional” gathering skills. All three can net a decent income if you spend the time gathering and sell to those who spent there time doing other things. Things like dailies, Pvping, raiding, or standing in a major city annoying people in the trade channel. Now they want to craft  something and don’t have the mats.

The fact that Enchanting is a gathering skill surprises no one really. Many folks consider it a more production oriented skill, especially at higher levels. I beg to differ. Enchanting comes with its own built in gathering skill in Disenchanting. I have made more money with this than pretty much anything else in the game. Hell, if disenchanting was a seperate skill on its own I would not even have enchanting.

Tailoring got a nice boost recently with the addition of Northrend Cloth Scavenging. It allows a tailor an increased chance to loot cloth from his kills. Since frostweave is not dropping even close to as much as netherweave did I expect this to pay off in the long run. Not only will it make leveling Tailoring easier it will provide income down the road as I can farm cloth more efficiently than non-Tailors. Time will tell if I am guessing right on this one.

Last on my list for today is the much maligned Engineering. Yes the bombs are nice, yes my Hunter loves his jumper cables, Yes the charges are nice to open stubborn doors, but none of that is why it’s a gathering skill. It’s a gathering skill because of the Zapthwattle Mote Extractor, allowing me to farm gas clouds for motes and crystallized stuff. If you don’t call that a gathering skill I don’t know what you would.

Well I guess that narrows it down. I will simply have to have 3 characters just to have all my gathering bases covered. I guess I better get to work.

2 Responses

  1. Dechion–You forgot about fishing being a gathering profession.

  2. @Thxforplayin Lol, you are absoultely right. Odd that I forgot that one considering I have maxed it on two characters. Thanks for the heads up.

    /sigh Like I said earlier, I should know better than to post before coffee.

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