Where do I go from here?

Since I can’t come up with the data that I need to do what I was planning today (a guide to leveling Engineering 1 to 450 as cheaply as possible) you get stuck with me reflecting on where I am and where I want to go from here. Hell, while I am writing maybe I’ll actually come up with a good idea of what to do.

As Wrath approached I sat down and took a good hard look at the characters on my login screen. I was trying to decide their fates. Who would I level? Who would I retire? What professions would they have? Most importantly, I needed to know what role they would fill.


Morham is a holy priest and the oldest of my currently active characters. Originally leveled as a Shadowpriest I went Holy to help with healing once I hit 70. Thats how I found that I really enjoyed healing, actually getting a lot of fun out of pugging Kara with him every week. I do plan to level him, and likely will see the occasional raid spot as a fill in, but he will not be my main.

It seems that the pesky thing called “real life” is rearing its ugly head in terms of my ability to set aside blocks of time to raid consistently. Since healers tend to be in short supply for raids I think it would be best for both me and the raid as a whole to have this character kind of on the back burner. As selfish as it may sound, my main will be a DPS class. All the easier to find a replacement for me if the “Real Life” trinket procs and I can’t make it.

My plan at the start was to level Holy through instancing and continue to heal at 80, now I am not so sure. In the 3 and a half weeks since the expansion hit I have managed exactly two instances with him. I healed Ramparts for a group of upcoming Death Knights (that was seriously fun), and Heroic Shattered Halls for a group working on achievements. I may just go Shadow to level and raid with him as DPS, but likely will keep him a healer for the time being.




Drupadi is a Hunter. She is the character I have spent the most of my time on so far. She has made it to 77 so far as of  Saturday and is looking at 78 in a day or two. She is a Skinner and an Herbalist and as such generally finances my whole stable of characters. She is also the only one with an epic flyer at this point since she actually uses the extra speed for more efficient farming.

I actually thought long and hard about simply leveling her up and using her as both a farmer and a raider. I decided against it. She will get leveled up and go back to being my farmer, after all someone around here has to pay the bills right?




Dechion is both my other Hunter and the namesake for this blog. Originally he started on Draenor as an experimental alt while my mains were raiding away on Stormrage. Since then he has clicked with me more than any of my other characters, even to the point that I have continued leveling him as the second Hunter on a realm I have already transferred one to.

With Dechion I chose to level Skinning and Mining as my professions, planning to drop Skinning for Engineering once he gets to 80. The thought behind this is that with these three characters I can cover all seven of the games gathering professions (Morham has Fishing at 450 already). As an added bonus Engineering will provide me with a useful additional raid utility in my Gnomish Army Knife, allowing me to Feign Death and (on a good day) jump-start someone who can rez the rest of the group.

After sitting here writing about it for the better part of the morning I think I figured out where to go from here. The path I am choosing will mean longer for me before I get to start raiding, but I think I will be far happier in the long run. Dechion, although currently the lowest level of the three, will be my raiding main in Wrath.