Cracking the Wow code

Lately I have been seeing post after post covered in strange symbols. A code there was, time to investigate.

I saw examples at Altaholics Are UsBanana Shoulders, yet another at Musings of a Raider, and lastly one over at The Pink Pigtail Inn. All were found to be using a code first referenced by Typhoon Andrew. It seems to be a way to sum up your entire Wow career in a single line of coded text. I decided to take a look at myself through the lens this code provides.

Somehow it seems odd to sum up two and a half years into one long string of characters.

Well,  for the curious amongst you, here is my Wow code.

M:Hu77, Mb:51/17/0, Mr:Dr, Alt:Hu70-51/10/0, Alt:Pr70-14/0/47, Alt:Hu63-51/3/0, S:Draenor-US-PVE, G:Mythos, PVP=, PVE++, Y2006.4, D+C, Ori:MC, TBC:Mags, WLK:Nexxus, L-, C:Hu++, !Ro, RP=, :), V:0.1