And today started out so well……

I started the day with full intentions of finishing off my post on Wrath’s raiding consumables.

I was about half done with a post with all the pots, elixers, buff food, and such that I drag along with me.  Then I opened my feed reader and found it sitting there all polished up and ready to go. 

I suppose I could reinvent the wheel, but I am way too lazy for that. It seems to me  that it would be far easier to just link over to this most excellent post at The Hunters Mark. Lassirra already wrote it, and in a far nicer format than mine was I might add. 

Perhaps when I get off work for the weekend I will start putting together my other project. I plan to go through and put together a Hunter gear list for those just getting to 80 (like me, I am at 78). The one I put together for gearing a level 70 for Kara using quested and crafted items went over quite well. Plus I need a plan anyway, and it’s easier to find it later if I post it here instead of scribbling in a notebook somewhere.

Or i’ll get half done and find out someone already did it, in which case i’ll just link it, what with me being lazy and all.