Gearing my fresh 80 Hunter

A quick note to those that Google has sent my way: This post was originally written in December of ’08 and a few things have changed since then. I have a post up now that is updated for 3.1 (soon to be redone for 3.2). The info here is still good for the most part, but you may want to check out the other as well. It can be found HERE.


Today’s post was going to be an elaborate “gear up your fresh level 80 hunter” post. That for the most part is no longer required.

Wowhead beat me to the punch.

They now have the ability built right in to search their ginormous database of gear based on a weighted scale. It has default templates for each class and even takes your general spec into account when filtering gear. Basically it takes what I used to do over the course of several hours of stat comparisons and spits out the results in moments.

Drupadi is sitting at 80 now and has been able to use the nice crafted blues for two solid levels now. A few nights ago I sat down to come up with a basic gear plan for her. I  planned to use it both as the basis for today’s post and as a farming list for the crafted gear (much thanks to Fimlys for doing all my crafting).  That’s when I discovered the changes that had been made to Wowhead.

Even if I know what I am looking for I have always found it kinda pays to make a list of what and how much I am farming before I start, that way I don’t forget something inportant. Kinda like going to the grocery store , coming home with 2 bags of stuff, and realizing you forgot the one important thing you went to the store for.

So am I going to write a thousand word monstrosity of a gear post based on data that will be evolving over time, or should I just list a few things to keep in mind and send you (and myself) to Wowhead? How about I do both.

Hit rating is a good thing, all the potential damage in the world is useless unless you can put the rounds on the target. Otherwise you are just poking holes in the wall behind the bad guy. Remember, bullets cost money. Every time you pull the trigger is like throwing cash at the other guy.

According to the best info I can dig up right now you have a 6% chance to miss in heroics and an 8% chance to miss in a raid situation. At level 80 you will need 32.8 hit rating to equal 1% less chance to miss.

This turns out to be a hit rating of 196.8 (call it 197) for heroics and 262.4 (call it 263) for raiding. Unless you happen to be Dreanei like my hunters, then you need 164 for heroics and 229.6 (call it 230) for raiding because of the 1% bonus to hit racial. It works out something like this.

Hit cap for raiding

  • Draenei with 0/3 careful aim 230
  • Draenei with 1/3 careful aim 197
  • Draenei with 2/3 careful aim 164
  • Draenei with 3/3 careful aim 131
  • Non Draenei with 0/3 careful aim 263
  • Non Draenei with 1/3 careful aim 230
  • Non Draenei with 2/3 careful aim 197
  • Non Draenei with 3/3 careful aim 164

Hit cap for heroics

  • Draenei with 0/3 careful aim 164
  • Draenei with 1/3 careful aim 131
  • Draenei with 2/3 careful aim 99
  • Draenei with 3/3 careful aim 66
  • Non Draenei with 0/3 careful aim 197
  • Non Draenei with 1/3 careful aim 164
  • Non Draenei with 2/3 careful aim 131
  • Non Draenei with 3/3 careful aim 99

Just something to keep in mind while planning your gear.

I poked around a bit and here is what I came up with for myself. Keep in mind this is my farming character so I am only worried about hit rating to the “I can run heroics without missing every time I pull the trigger” level. I am also not looking at the items that require a long rep grind to get, those will come in time. As I said.. this is just my farmer. I am concentrating on easily acquired quest rewards, easy to get rep rewards, and/or crafted items that I can farm up mats for.

All that in mind, this is what I ended up looking like when I dinged.


Is there better gear to be had? You betcha.

Is there an easier way to go about it? Not that I can think of.

I have no illusions about this being “top end” gear. What I do see it as is a good place to start, better will come with time.

Here is the breakdown on what I had when I hit 80:


Head  Swiftarrow Helm  (crafted Leatherworking)

with an Arcanym of ferocity on it from Cenerion Expedition (34 attack power 16 hit rating)


Neck Choker of the Betrayer  (quest reward from Betrayal in Zul’Drak)

Socketed with a Balanced perfect shadow crystal I picked up dirt cheap in the AH.


Shoulder Virulent spaulders (crafted Leatherworking)

with the 26 attack power glyph from the Aldor


Chest Razorstrike Breastplate (crafted Leatherworking)

With +8 to all stats


Back Cloak of the Agile Mind  (BOE world drop, I got mine while farming for leather)

enchanted with +12 agility


Wrist Swiftarrow Bracers  (crafted Leatherworking)

enchanted with +38 attack power


Hands Gauntlets of the secret agent (quest reward for Infiltrating Voltarus in Zul’Drak)


Waist Xevozz’s Belt (my one and only instance drop)

Originaly planned on getting  a Swiftarrow Belt crafted, and likely will for my next Hunter.


Legs Swiftarrow Leggings (crafted Leatherworking)

with a clefthide armor kit I had laying around on it (30 stamina 10 agility)


Feet Dragonstompers (crafted Leatherworking)

enchanted with 24 attack power


Trinket 1 Death Knights anguish (quest reward from Buying some time in Borean Tundra)


Trinket 2 First mates pocketwatch  (quest reward from The jig is up in Howling Fjiord)


Ring 1 Mildly tarnished ring (quest reward from doing you duty in Grizzly Hills)


Ring 2 Ring of Indignant rage (quest reward from The assassination of Herold Lane in Borean Tundra)


Ranged Dragon slayer’s shortbow  (quest reward from Post partum aggression in Sholazar basin)

Personally I am still using the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix , but my next hunter won’t be running Kara to get one.

The Sunfury has a scope on it, making most early quest rewards a sidegrade at best. I can’t talk myself into replacing it quite yet, but likely will when I quest my way therough Sholazar basin.


Melee Whale stick harpoon (is the only rep item on my list. I was revered just by questing, almost by accident)

It is enchanted with +20 agility (because I am a nub. I misclicked when enchanting and did not use the +35 agi I planned on)


All this left me hit capped for heroics, with good stamina for solo work, and a reasonable ammount attack power. I have not gone and played at the target dummies yet, probably because I neither have or know how to use damage meters. (fellow bloggers: WTB post on how to use recount, or at least an email).

What I have done is go back and try soloing group quests. I figure thats a good gauge of survivability. I have been able to do every three person quest I have tried so far, but I could not heal through the damage in the Ampithetere of Anguish when me and Thwack the Gorilla tried a five player.