Thirteen Tidbits

Fair warning, I have not yet had my morning coffee. I am sick, grumpy, and stuck going to work anyway because calling in this time of year, while technically allowed, is not really a good option.

Since I can’t seem to string two coherent thoughts together long enough to write a post about any one of them. I think I will just post a few little tidbits this morning. These are just random thoughts right as they came off the top of my head. Don’t believe me? Well look here *points* there is a bald spot where they took off.

“It’s not a bald spot, it’s a launching pad for thoughts!” Not bad, it might make a decent T-shirt when it grows up.

So here are my incoherent ramblings, in no particular order.

1.Just in case anyone was wondering, yesterdays post on what gear I had when I dinged 80 is far from a recommended gearing guide. It just represents what I had on when I got there.

2. The gear guide is coming, but it takes more time to write it than I want to think about right this second. Think sometime in the next day or three I’ll get the first post up. I plan to do it as a per-slot breakdown.

3. I really think Blizzard made a mistake with professions. They made it into nothing more than another grind. It always was a tad expensive in both time and money to level one to the cap, there should be a reward there. Now there is no reward for maxing anything out, and honestly no real reason to.

4. I had every intention of leveling both my hunters to 80, now I am kinda failing to see a reason. Since all professions are pretty much equal the old “one for farming and one for raiding” plan is kinda out the window.

5.Totally random thought…. both my hunters are Dreanei and on the same server, I wonder if I can just swap names and appearances between the two. I planned to make Dechion my main on Draenor, that way he could be 80 already while Drupadi went back and finished leveling again.

6.Getting Dechion to 80 that way just seems wrong, but is probably doable.  *jots note on post-it* remind myself to call Blizz when I get home. Not sure if I want to do it yet, but definitely certain that I am curious.

7. Don’t look at me like that. Everyone knows Curiosity was framed…. Stupidity killed the cat.

8.Actually the cat hit disengage while his back was to a cliff, but that’s another story. The moral of that story? If at first you don’t succeed cliff diving is not for you.

9. Other than leveling a Death Knight (or other alt) what reason does anyone have to go to Outlands anymore? I was in Shattrah yesterday and it felt like an episode of the Twilight Zone. There was literally no one there. I kept waiting for the zombies to come out of hiding or something. It was creepy.

10.The Slowmaster 9000 coffee pot has finally seen fit to be done making coffee. Not quite sure why it takes 25 minutes to brew a pot, but at least it tastes good.

11.Winter veil started yesterday, and after reading up on it I decided to abandon both this holiday and the meta achievement “What a long strange trip its been”. I despise being forced to PvP for things like this. *Happy holidays, put on festive clothing and go kill people*

12. Worse than forced PvP is a holiday rep grind. These characters are re-rolls, they never did the Og’rilla prequests or early rep grind to open up the “Bomb them again” quest. New players will have a heck of a time getting a group for this, as will Death Knights. Yet another fail on Blizzards part in my opinion.

13.The final reason to abandon it is the last title I would be able to get. Brewmaster is required, yet I did not join the brew of the month club last year. Even if I did every other achievement between now and then I would be left waiting for a year to pass, checking my mailbox once a month for my brew. I would finally complete the achievement in September 2010.