I think I can do this

Yesterday while mindlessly rambling on about things in a caffeine free state of mind I discovered something.

I am sick to death of leveling.

The first time it’s fun, reading all the quests, seeing new things.

The second, and maybe even the third time, it’s more of a contest to see how fast or efficiently it can be done.

After that it just becomes a chore.


Chores made fun!


Dechion is planned to be my main instancing character. We all know everything is different in a group. Different talent choices, different glyphs, different gear, even different professions.

Drupadi was always intended to be a solo farming character. With that comes a whole different set of priorities when it comes to everything from what food she carries to which pet she will tame.

My headache started as I pondered the new character re-customization program yesterday. My thought was to take Dechion who at the time was 63 and Drupadi who is 80 already and switch them.  I was so sick of leveling that I was willing to pay the $30 just to trade everything between the two. Name, appearance, literally everything

I called Blizzard, they burst my bubble. There is a 30 day cooldown on name changes made with this, even if the toons are on the same account. The representative stated that there was only one way to free up either of the names right away, the deletion of the character with that name.

Bouncing this around off the folks in BA chat, a few on Twitter, and a couple of folks I know in the real world I ended up with five different scenarios that would get the end result I wanted (Dechion at 80).

  • I can abandon the names I want to keep, then go ahead do the re-customization. I could then mark my calendar for the 30 day cooldown, hoping to get the names back.
  • Total cost $50 plus a risk of losing one or both names.


  • I can delete Dechion as he is the lower level, then Immediately do re-customization on Drupadi to turn her into Dechion.  Once I get the customization and name change done I could petition for a character restore. Assuming they grant it I could then do a second re-customization on that character. I would also be marking my calendar again hoping to get Drupadi’s name back in 30 days.
  • Total cost $40, the risk of losing one of my characters completely, and the risk of losing Drupadi’s name.


  • I could change  names now and mark my calendar for the 30 day window. With any luck I would be able to make a pair of level 1 alts with the names at that time. I could then do re-customization on both toons and delete the level 1 placeholders.
  • Total cost $50 plus the risk of losing one or both names.


  • I could change my mind, making Drupadi my instancing character and leave the farming to Dechion.
  • Total cost $0 and no risk of losing anything. Mild nuisance at swapping professions from one to the other.


  • Lastly, I could just force  myself to take the time to quest my way through the next 4 levels on Dechion. Knowing that once I hit 68 and leave Outlands I could actually start running some instances with him while still leveling up.
  • Total cost $0, no risk, greatest reward (having both at 80).

After a good chunk of time thinking about it I decided to bite the bullet and level up the old fashioned way. I logged into Dechion, abandoned every quest I still had for Hellfire (I hate the place) and left the zone, hopefully never to return. I hoped a change up in my environment would get me back interested in questing so I elected to do my two favorite zones in outlands, Zangermarsh followed by Negrand.

The change of scenery did me well as I rounded up the flight points and gathered up quests. I ran around for a few hours in one of my favorite zones just questing away. Somewhere along the way I managed to get from about a third of the way to 64 to over halfway to 65.

I think I can do this.