I am still here

Rumors of my disappearance from the interwebs have been greatly exaggerated. These include, but are not limited to being given away as a Christmas present, being abducted by aliens, and going into a sugar induced coma from the yummy peanut butter cookies I blogged about a few days ago.

I am still here, and still chugging along. 

I have actually been quite busy questing my way through Northrend. I have plenty of rep to grind with the Knights of the Ebon Blade, the Sons if Hodir, and the the Argent Crusade. Rep grinds, oh how I hate them. Not only are they repetitive and boring, but they provide very little in the way of blog fodder.

A post that simply says  “I shot down 20 more dragons today, then burned the same 8 buildings I burned yesterday, and when it was all done I stuck banners into the same 15 guys I have for the last week.” is almost as boring to read as dailies are to do.

I got news for ya, they know you are pissed at them. How could they not? the average lifespan of one of their people is like 30 seconds.

Sorry, I am a tad cranky today. I may go into the reasons for that at a later time, but at the moment I will just keep my peace.

If I do decide on posting about it expect a whole post, not a soundbite.

On a more positive note I am working on a couple more lists of gear. They will be companions to the the questable and craftable gear post I already have up. I plan to do one of reputation rewards and one of drops. Actually I might divide the drops into normal and heroics, we shall see. 

In other news, I got my family got a Wii for Christmas. I may post a bit on a few of those games as well.

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