Hindsight is 20/20, at least sometimes

Matticus posted an interesting topic recently. He suggested looking back at 2008 and posting about our favorite posts of the year. Well, I have only been around since May so I will just go back and pick a few favorites from my first eight months.

My December favorite is /headdesk. Not so much for the post itself, but for the memories of having a good laugh with my son.

In November we saw the release of Wrath of the Litch king. My favorite posts from that time both involve it.  I was there looks it the time right before release, as we waited for the 11th to roll around. Random acts of kindness on the other hand looks more towards the kindness of strangers while leveling through the early zones.

October saw “the great boss nerf of ’08”.  Something was missing and it’s predecessor It was a wonderful zombie filled hunter Christmas both look back at how the nerf effected raiding, at least for me.

September saw my blog finding a new home as I moved over from Be Nameless to my new home here at Dechions place. It also saw my main (at the time) swap realities because of a goblinish experiment gone haywire in mirrior mirrior.

August brought the refer a friend program and it’s unfair advantage. I did refer my daughter (who is at the moment still level 33), but only to take advantage of the free month of playtime since she was going to start anyway. I take that back, I also picked up the Zhevera mount for Drupadi. I never used the triple experience to power level her, she needs time on the way up to at least have a clue about her class. Skipping that would have been right up there with buying her toon on Ebay, and in my mind an epic failure.

In July I managed to be just wrong more than once. While I was at it I took a look at where I thought I would spend the final hours of Warcraft in Five hours and counting.

June saw me wondering what are epics worth, as well as admitting that I am casually addicted.

May  saw the creation of this blogs predecessor with Welcome aboard on the 14th. It also watched as I started getting my blogging feet wet talking about how a little help goes a long way.


Although this year has had its share of ups and downs, overall it was a good year. I wonder what I will have to say this time next year, looking back at 2009.

Here is wishing all my readers a happy and prosperous new year.

May your bosses drop like Hogger, and all your rolls be high.

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