A change in profession

I have been doing a good bit of thinking.

What was that? did I hear snickering coming from the back of the room?

Well, I will have you know that contrary to popular belief I am thinking all the time. A veritable font of Ideas that’s me…

Well, as I was saying, I have been doing some thinking. I have been thinking about professions. More specifically I have been wondering which professions are actually worth my time leveling. Lets take my Priest as an example.

Morham is skilled in Tailoring and Enchanting. In the Burning Crusade I had to have maxed or nearly maxed skills in order to access the powerful bind on pickup items such as the Primal Mooncloth set or the ring self – enchants. In Wrath I need tailoring to 405 to make the inexpensive spellthread and enchanting to 400 for my ring enchants.

I could possibly go a bit higher in Tailoring so that I can craft the new specialty cloths, or at least sell my cooldown. Beyond that I see no real reason to level it. With everything being BoE I could simply take the mats I would have had to farm to craft an item myself and have another tailor make the item. I may have to tip, but likely will get it done by someone looking for a skillup.

Similarly Enchanting kinda looks like a black hole to throw money down. Beyond leveling high enough for my ring enchants I can’t really see any reason to continue. Possibly if later game items need 425 or 450 to disenchant them, but that’s about it. With half the mats I would have used to max out the skill I can keep myself in enchants until the next expansion. This assumes of course that Wow is still around, and that I am still playing.

So I think with the Priest I will stop both skills in the low 400’s. If they slowly level up by doing things for myself, friends, and guild mates then so be it. I will not go out of my way to level them though.

My hunter Drupadi, on the other hand, is currently sitting on Skinning and Mining 450/450. While it was a good money maker while leveling, and helped out quite a bit with getting crafted gear, I don’t really see skinning as a profession I plan to keep. Looking at all the professions I decided to go with one that offers some fun, several useful odds and ends, a powerful BoP helm as the light at the end of the very expensive rainbow, and last but not least is still a gathering profession.


With that in mind I set about figuring out exactly how I was going to go about leveling it. So I looked at several different guides (none of which had been updated in some time), poked around on Wowhead (man I love that place), and asked around for advice. In the end I  hammered out something that I think will work from all the different inputs I had gotten.

Since I have spent all that time making my list and checking it twice I figured I could at least post it here where I can find it if I need it in the future.

Oh, an if you like you can use it too.

In fact I’ll both put it on the Profession Guides page and link it HERE.


In other news, you folks have a happy and prosperous new year. I am off early today, and fully intend to be too incapacitited to post until at least Friday.

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