A whole herd of unicorns

A few days ago Breana from the Gun Lovin Dwarf Chick asked an interesting question.

What is your Unicorn? What is that one mystical piece of loot that always seems to elude you?

For me I actually had two, and here is their story.

As I was leveling my first hunter shortly afterThe Burning Crusade hit I saw a 70 hunter in one of the top raiding guilds on our server carrying one of the most awesome looking bows ever. He was p[acking the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix. Right then and there I decided that was the bow for me. Decado ran Kara for months, back when it was progression content, hoping to see it.

Decado is retired now, and never did see it drop.


For Morham it was Lights Justice, that wonderful healing mace from Prince. He never did finish the key quest for Kara, never being able to gather a group for Arcatraz. One thing he did managed to do is run Kara every single week, pugging it when he had to, hoping for his drop. He ran kara till he was exalted twice over yet never did he see it.  In a cruel twist of fate he happens to be an enchanter. He did see the Sunfury Bow drop with nobody in the group that could use it. He has disenchanted Decado’s prized loot.



Drupadi was leveled late in The Burning Crusade, only finally hitting 70 a few months before Wrath hit. She never really had anything she particularly lusted after since she knew it would all be replaced soon. Oddly enough she has been through Kara one time but managed to get virtually every drop Decado ever wanted. If they met in World’s end Tavern (Decado’s favorite hangout) he would likely as not throw things in her direction.

Like Decado before her however she has seen the weapon that caught her eye. The Envoy on Mortality is a wonderful looking gun, in a very spiky kind of way. It drops from Kel-thuzad in 25 man Naxx, which I don’t exactly run every day. Talk to me in a year and we shall see if she managed to catch her unicorn.

Or (more likely) just spent her time tilting at windmills.