Apparently I lost my marbles

I have been sitting here thinking.

Ok, quit laughing, I was really thinking, not just watching the arms on the clock move ever so slowly towards quitting time.

As I was saying I was thinking. Thinking about all the raids I have been on, all the instances I have run. Oddly I ended up thinking about how some television shows have characters you could almost see finding in a random pug some day. Not the actors that play them, but the characters they portray.

For instance, just to look at Gilligan’s island I see a few things.

  • The Professor would have Gnomish Engineering as his profession. The man could make a radio out of two coconuts and an empty soup can, yet half his inventions went horribly, yet hillaroiusly wrong. (hold up a second guys, I want to try something.)
  • Gilligan would play a hunter, and play it badly. Things would just seem to go wrong around him, for no apparent reason. (Hey skipper I fell through a hole in the world, again!)
  • The Skipper would be a bear tank and raid leader, you can almost see him shaking hit hat at his monitor as he herds the cats. (Dammit Gilligan, that’s a 50 dkp minus! blue square is ice trap not snake trap!)

Skip forward a few decades to the show House. Can you not see House playing a horribly sarcastic Priest? One that mocks you while he heals you? I certainly can. Hell, I can see him playing a warlock and loving it.

How about Lost? Can’t you just picture Hurley nuking things as a boomkin and loving every minute of it? Or Kate running a rogue? How about Locke as a death knight?

Perhaps I am just seeing things, but I think some of these folks would be fun (or at least entertaining) to run with.

Either that or I finally just lost my marbles watching the clock.

5 Responses

  1. Well you’ve certainly given me a good giggle with the Hurley-as-a-boomkin image! I’m staying feral for life now! 😛

  2. Even if you just lost your marbles, you made me laugh. House as the mocking priest really tickled my fancy. 🙂

  3. hahaha!!!
    Gilligan! 50 DKP minus!
    I’ve run with a priest who had a mod that would say snarky things when people needed a rez, I think that would be just perfect for a House priest! XD

  4. Made me laugh too… those coconuts…. Damn Gnomes

  5. @Softi, @Asara. When I rolled my baby druid I was thinking of this post. I plan to run Boomkin and it would so have fit, but Hurley was already taken. I did however end up naming him Giligan. I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see if things just fall apart around him.

    @Avonar Now that I am looking at it I should see if “House” is taken on my server, if not I may just change my priests name for the fun of it.

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