Yes I’m a guy.

Yes I am allowed to squee.

Now that thats out of the way I figured I would stop in an let you nice folks know where the heck I am going to be hiding for the next few days. You see the FedEx driver just stopped in and dropped off shiny new computers for both myself and my lovely wife.

They are both Dell Insperion 1525’s, here are some of the specifics for those who are curious.

  • 15.4 inch widescreen monitor
  •  Intel core 2 duo processor  T6400 at 2Ghz with 2Gb of l2 cache.
  • 4Gb of ddr2 sdram
  • intel graphics media accelerator x3100
  • Windows Vista (unfortunately)

For the rest of the day I will be busy scrubbing all the bloatware off the systems and getting the programs we actually want installed. With any luck I will be able to get back on Wow by tomorrow. Then I may actually have something more interesting to post about.