That was random

Totally random, but I caught myself humming this last night while I was leveling up my shiny new Druid, Giligan.

Nuke, nuke, nuke,
All day long,
Wrathing Murlocs while I sing this song.

Gonna burn them down,
Till the sparkles shine,
Then I’ll go through¬†their pockets and see whats mine.

I did not say it made any sense, just that it happened.

Managed to get him almost to level 12 before calling it a night due to repeated disconnects. I am thinking I made the right call with going balance. I did not even bother to go get bear form till after I dinged 11. (it’s availible via questing at 10 for those who don’t know offhand). After I got it I set up my feral action bar and then promptly¬†ignored it, I am having way too much fun as a caster.

So far I have figured out a few things on my own, and gotten a bit of advice from my readers as well. Here are a few things I observed yesterday.

  • I am looking for Int and Stam on gear, Spellpower is nice if I stumble across it. If you want those stats at low level you are wearing cloth.
  • Entangling roots has been changed at some point in the last year or so to work indoors. This is huge in the way I am playing this toon.
  • If you put hot’s on yourself while running it takes more than 4 mobs to smack you down before resetting.
  • Unless you catch an unlucky stun, then they beat you like you insulted their ancestors.
  • speaking of hot’s, if you wait till you need them to put them on it’s already too late.
  • Sometimes trying to help people just ends badly, like the level 12 petless melee Hunter I tried to talk to that told me to STFU since they knew hunters better than me…
  • He had not spent his talent points and was wearing cloth with spirit on it as well, but this is not a rant.
  • Hopefully he gets bored and follows the link to BRK that I sent him.
  • Never take a drink of diet coke while you have a Mentos in your mouth… Just trust me on this one.

Alrighty, well I guess it’s back to perusing Wowhead for low level boomkin gear work. Catch you on the flipside….