Raid consumables for the prepared Hunter

Last night we had a guild meeting wherein we discussed raiding schedules and requirements amongst many other things that I choose not to write about here. Not because they are bad, if possible there was a negative amount of drama. I don’t bring it up because it has nothing to do with today’s post.

While I was in vent chatting with guildies I decided to rebuild something I used to keep back at 70. A set bag of gear that I would always have on me, and a second set that I could grab and go at a moments notice. The object of all this is that with my hearth set to somewhere close to a bank I would be able to go from questing anywhere in the world to repaired, raid ready, and waiting for a summons, in less than 5 minutes.

Yes I was a Boy Scout once upon a time. It kind of shows here. “Be Prepared”

The way I did this is to have basic supplies on me at all times. I would like to be able to do a couple of instances without having to run to the bank and sort through it for stuff I may need. Then I have a second bag that I keep in the bank. All I have to do is swap it out for one of the bags full of spleens, hooves, and clams I always seem to have. (on a side note, if you have not read Miss Elf’s post WTF Nerf Clams yet please head on over and check it out. It is totally full of win).


First off is my main bag. It goes everywhere with me.

Gnomish Army Knife


A  stack of Heavy Frostweave Bandages. (Seriously, the healer has more important things to worry about… like the tank for instance.)

My Moll-e. Because you never know when you will get an uncontrollable urge to check your mail.

A stack of pet buff food, spiced mammoth treats  Is Shadows preferred Scooby snack.

Two stacks of general purpose food, I like using what I catch while fishing up buff food, your mileage may vary. Currently I am using smoked rockfin .

1 stack runic mana potions

1 stack runic healing potions

one stack of Agility food, I prefer Blackened Dragonfin  since I am a fisherman. (Yes I realise I need to go fish up some more)

A fully loaded ultrasafe bullet machine  (Mammoth Cutters, When you care enough to send the very best.)


Secondly comes my raid bag. It spends its days sitting in the bank on standby for grab and go raiding.


1 stack runic mana potions

1 stack runic healing potions

2 stacks general purpose food, here more smoked rockfin.

A stack of attack power food. In my case Poached Northern Sculpin (Mmm, tastes like whoop ass. Maybe I should can this stuff)

Another stack agility food, more Blackened Dragonfin (crap, I really need to go fishing, I thought I had a full stack in here)

flasks of endless rage  (More Attack Power, and it persists through death. Sweet!)

1 stack of repair bots  (because the little red man makes the raid sad)

Another stack of Heavy Frostweave Bandages.

Another stack pet buff food,

Two more Ultrasafe Bullet Machines

A stack of  stam scrolls  (you never know when you will end up with no priest in the party)

A stack of agility scrolls  (more agility is more damage, and damage is good)

A stack of  protection scrolls  (I like to use one before AoE heavy fights to ease the healing burden a bit)

A stack of  intellect scrolls  (Int becomes Attack Power with Careful Aim, and Attack Power is made of win)


There you have it, my basic load out of gear. With these two bags I could spend half a day raiding without running out of supplies, and I would never have to be the one saying I have to run to the auction house while the raid waits for me.