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And the lights grow dimmer

Last night I had a dream.

I dreamed of an endless expanse of forest.

A cold rain was falling, the kind that gets into your bones no matter how you try to stay warm. It was a dark rather and forbidding place, this forest.  I was lost and alone there.

Here and there I began to notice campfires. I walked to one of the brighter ones and introduced myself to the people gathered around. There were many people there, most talking quietly, a few arguing amongst themselves. Sitting next to a pile of firewood was a storyteller. When she started to speak the group grew silent, fixed on her tale.

I sat and listened as the storyteller spun tale after tale. She told of the adventures of strange people in far off lands. She told of strange creatures and people who do the silliest of things. Some of the tales were funny, some were not, but all taught a lesson.

As I walked from fire to fire I noticed a common thread. Every fire had a storyteller who kept the fire burning and the guests entertained. They all had stories to tell and people were happy to sit with them at the fire and listen in. Some burned brighter and hotter than others, some had a large crowd, some just a few close friends.

Time passed as I walked from fire to fire listening to tales and making new friends.

I started to notice as I was making my rounds some of the fires were slowly dying. The storytellers stoked the fire less often. The crowds at those fires became smaller. Some fires were left unattended completely and slowly burned to coals, perhaps with a few people gathered around the dimming fire waiting for the storyteller to come back.

Here and there a storyteller would announce that the stories were done, put out the fire and move on to new things.

New fires were started, new stories were told. Yet as the older storytellers left I found I could feel the cold a little more, and the lights grew a bit dimmer in the forest as they departed.

As I floated back from the dream to being fully awake It came to me that I should have thanked all the storytellers I had visited for the stories they had told.

To all those who’s fire I have visited, thanks for the tales.

People ask the oddest things

I was looking today at what some of the searches are that have found their way to my blog recently.  Since several of them are actually in the form of questions I figured I would take a shot at answering them.



Wtb marshmallows, pst

Dalaran free cooking fire where

Sounds like someone was looking for a free cooking fire. Personally I use the one in the room with the cooking trainer if I happen to be nearby. Other than that I make a habit of carrying either a Gnomish Army Knife or a Flint and Tinder with me all the time.  Ever since the requirement to have simple wood was removed from the cooking fire I just drop one wherever I am.


watch your step

watch your step

Hunters role in Naxx 10

Hunters have many responsibilities in Naxx. The main ones to worry about are blowing large holes in things and not standing in various walls of fire, noxious clouds, and other assorted things that make the healers grumpy.

In all seriousness Naxx (at least what I have seen of it) has been pretty straightforward on my hunter. I have not been tasked with any trapping or kiting,  Just Dpsing while not standing in things that kill me.


Duct tape for survival

Well, I doubt they found what they were looking for in the post about going over to survival on my hunter. 

Once upon a time I lived in hurricane country. Central Florida, New Orleans, North Carolina and Virginia to be exact. When I lived in those parts of the country we kept a plastic tote packed with a bunch of things that would come in really handy if we needed to be able to evacuate with a few hours notice. 

It held (amongst many other things) copies of important documents, some emergency cash,  a few simple tools, things to make a fire, a first aid kit, and of course…. duct tape. I had no particular thing in mind with the tape, it just seemed like something that belonged there.


Buying level 80 hunter.

Mine is not for sale.

Seriously, why are people still buying accounts? Not only is it against the rules it is just a waste of money. If even the super sped up leveling process is too hard on you then you need to learn to play as you level instead. If your attention span is so short that you cant commit to the time it takes to level to the cap how are you going to keep your focus on progression? What happens when you run into a real roadblock in raiding?

If you are bound a determined to spend your money do it through getting a second account and refer-a-friending your self. Then roll a couple of alts and dual box them, at least that way its legal.

All the cool kids are doing it….

Looks like the Meme of the week is about screenshots.

It goes something like this: “post the sixth screenshot in your sixth folder and tell us about it.”

Turns out that since my old computer decided to cough out the blue smoke of doom I don’t really have that many screenshots. Those that I take for the blog I generally chop out what I need and delete them afterwards. Pictures of the contents of my bags for instance. Anywho this works out so that I only have one folder, so you will just have to settle for the sixth shot from that one.


When I started playing it was Horde side. My first three toons were all undead, and none made it past level 12. Then I played a Tauren, while I loved my Druid I never really got into Thunder Bluff as a city. I don’t know why, but it just never really clicked for me. Then I rolled my first Troll. I still remember the first time I came running into Orgrimmar. That city clicked for me, it was what a city should be. 

Even over a year after my defection to the Alliance side Orgrimmar remains my favorite city. I keep my retired 70 Troll Hunter there just so I can visit from time to time. Sometimes I will just log into him and go fish.

That is why I enjoyed the Wrathgate questline so much. One time, and one time only, my Alliance characters were allowed to run around Orgrimmar (a phased version with no vendors or other players) and just hang out. When Morham went there I spent a good hour hanging out, just fishing and goofing off.

This screenshot is of Morham standing right where I would always park my toons when they were there.

A human priest just sitting outside the bank in Orgrimmar. Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

mission accomplished

Sing it with me (horribly off key)…..

I believeeee I can flyyyyy…….

Morham hit 77 last night and got his license back. My questing life just got a whole lot easier.



Before you ask, Yes. That’s a basic flyer you see before you. I have the cash in the bank to pick up his epic flight if I wanted to, but I am not going to right now.

He is not a farming character, not by any means. I saved up the cash to pick it up anyway, but it’s going to wait. Blizzard is famous for using the carrot and the stick method to keep us grinding. They have already stated flat out in a blue post about the new dual spec feature that while changing between your two specs will be free, you will have to purchase the ability to do it.

I smell a money sink coming.

A sucessful failure

Last Thursday I made a list (and yes, I checked it twice). I set what I thought was a pretty simple goal for myself. Go from having just dinged 75 to being level 77 by the end of the weekend.

Well, real life conspired against me and it did not happen. I ended the weekend sitting at 76 and just over a half.

Morham will still get there, he just did not get there last week.

What’s the successful part you ask? Simple. Drupadi did pop in for the occasional daily, because it was that close. I will just let the picture tell that story.

Polish you own @%#$*&@ helmet, I'm done.

Polish you own @%#$*&@ helmet, I'm done.

I should put things away when I am done.

I have been incredibly busy for the last few days.

I know it’s lame, but thats the only excuse I can come up with.

I really should have cleaned up after myself before I logged out. I just never thought this would happen.

I apoligize to everyone for leaving my stuff next to the forge and then logging out.

Now I have to farm up all the mats to make another one,

All because I was too lazy to go back to the bank,

The Ice Stone Has Melted…….