Has your Bear gone Missing?

About a month ago one of my favorite blogs, The Big Bear Butt, suddenly went silent.

A solid week passed with not a single post. Now this guy not only writes well, he writes a lot. Often more in any two days than I put up in a week. I dropped him an E-mail and found out that his feed was broken. Apparently Feedburner lost its mind and forgot to send his posts along to the rest of us.  He had made a post about it, but unfortunately since the feed was busted I never got it.

Catch-22 right?

Well, it seems that even a month after the fact he continues to get notes like mine asking if he is alright, stopped blogging, got abducted by aliens, things like that. So he has asked us, his fellow bloggers, to mention this in hopes that maybe a person or two that is still wondering what happened will read it.

He is still there, honest.  Either drop by his site and re-subscribe, or use this handy link to his feed http://thebigbearbutt.com/feed/.

You’ll be glad you did.



2 Responses

  1. Unfortunatley he is one of the very few blogs that is actually blocked by my work 😦

    I will have a look tonight when i get home.

  2. @Esdras Have you tried using a feed reader? I use Google reader myself, and I am able to read the articles (though usually not see the pictures) from all the blogs that are blocked from work.

    Of ocurse I had to set up my reading list from home, and can’t reach the site to comment until I get off work. At any rate it is a workaround for actually reading the posts.

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