Grumpy, cranky, and generally not pleasant

I noticed something interesting yesterday. 

By all rights Morham the priest should be 80 by now like my Hunter Drupadi, but seems to be perpetually stuck at 75.

I will log into him, putter around a bit, then go do wintergrasp on my hunter.

I will log into him, putter around a bit, then go level my baby druid.

Maybe next time I will goof around a bit, and then spend an hour or two crafting and listing glyphs in the AH. (thanks to Gevlon, I am doing quite well)

I obviously can’t get into leveling him, now I think I know why.

On Drupadi the hunter leveling is fun. I like to run solo even now at level 80. It’s all about the journey.

On Morham leveling is about the destination. Nothing more than a chore to be completed before I get to have my fun at the other end.

Morham was rolled to be a healer. I healed my way from TBC heroics to The Black Temple. He is a blast to play as a healer, but I hateplaying him as a Dps for leveling. The whole concept of “target, shield, vamperic touch, shadow word pain, mind flay till dead, target next and repeat”  just makes my eyes bleed. I tried leveling Holy and Disc as well, it all gets really old really fast.

Of the three Shadow kills fastest, so that’s what I am.

Even my cookies are grumpy today.

Even my cookies are grumpy today.

At first I was all in favor of not having rep grinds for heroic keys. Hell, I still am. The problem comes when no one wants to run regular instances. No party = no healer needed. Everyone wants to run heroics, and I understand that completely. I understand, but I am still cranky.

Heroics are not much harder, they offer rep gains with tabards, better loot, badges and shards for even more better loot. I completely see why folks want to do them instead. Hell, I want to run them instead. The only thing running the regular instances would do is help me out.

There’s no point in that, the guild has plenty of healers .

I know I will have a good deal more fun once I hit 80. I also know that the minute I do people will be glad to group up and run heroics for fun and profit. I am just having a hell of a time forcing myself to drag out those last 5 levels, so I am setting myself a goal here in public.

I want to be back in the saddle by the end of the weekend. 77 by Sunday night.

Now if I can just stick to it.