Grumpy, cranky, and generally not pleasant

I noticed something interesting yesterday. 

By all rights Morham the priest should be 80 by now like my Hunter Drupadi, but seems to be perpetually stuck at 75.

I will log into him, putter around a bit, then go do wintergrasp on my hunter.

I will log into him, putter around a bit, then go level my baby druid.

Maybe next time I will goof around a bit, and then spend an hour or two crafting and listing glyphs in the AH. (thanks to Gevlon, I am doing quite well)

I obviously can’t get into leveling him, now I think I know why.

On Drupadi the hunter leveling is fun. I like to run solo even now at level 80. It’s all about the journey.

On Morham leveling is about the destination. Nothing more than a chore to be completed before I get to have my fun at the other end.

Morham was rolled to be a healer. I healed my way from TBC heroics to The Black Temple. He is a blast to play as a healer, but I hateplaying him as a Dps for leveling. The whole concept of “target, shield, vamperic touch, shadow word pain, mind flay till dead, target next and repeat”  just makes my eyes bleed. I tried leveling Holy and Disc as well, it all gets really old really fast.

Of the three Shadow kills fastest, so that’s what I am.

Even my cookies are grumpy today.

Even my cookies are grumpy today.

At first I was all in favor of not having rep grinds for heroic keys. Hell, I still am. The problem comes when no one wants to run regular instances. No party = no healer needed. Everyone wants to run heroics, and I understand that completely. I understand, but I am still cranky.

Heroics are not much harder, they offer rep gains with tabards, better loot, badges and shards for even more better loot. I completely see why folks want to do them instead. Hell, I want to run them instead. The only thing running the regular instances would do is help me out.

There’s no point in that, the guild has plenty of healers .

I know I will have a good deal more fun once I hit 80. I also know that the minute I do people will be glad to group up and run heroics for fun and profit. I am just having a hell of a time forcing myself to drag out those last 5 levels, so I am setting myself a goal here in public.

I want to be back in the saddle by the end of the weekend. 77 by Sunday night.

Now if I can just stick to it.

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  1. Poor sad cookie. I will eat you and then at least I will be happy… 😉

    I totally feel your pain. My paladin should be 80 by now too, but there’s always something else that needs doing. I log onto her, but oh wait, I need Saronite for arrows so I can raid tonight/tomorrow, so off she goes to Sholazar to mine. Well, there’s not a lot of fighting around that big circle, or even a little circle around one of the pillars. This past weekend I was going to level her some more, but we decided to go out for our anniversary for the whole weekend instead.

    I like leveling prot, but I always get nervous AOE grinding quest mobs and things, I’m always afraid I’ll grab too many. So I end up plugging away one mob at a time, and it takes so. fricking. long.

    Tell you what. I’ll make that vow with ya, we’ll work on this together, how does that sound? 🙂 She’s 73, I’ll set my sights on 75. Two levels shouldn’t be THAT hard, right?

  2. @Asara Sounds like a plan. I will see you at the finish line 🙂

  3. Yeah if you missed that initial wave of people leveling via regular dungeons, it’s very difficult to level as a healer. I was lucky enough to catch the back end of the wave on my holy pala, but by about 78-79, I found myself having to spec to prot and just solo aoe grind mobs in icecrown until 80. I miss the attunement process because people had to run the dungeons at least a few times on regular mode, granted…blizz could’ve provided more rep per run, but with that system you’d always have people with alts wanting to run them. The hard part would be when they’d suddenly dc (which was usually just an alt-F4) because something better opened up for their main to do (guild asks them to come do naxx, WG is about to start, etc.).

  4. Yeah I made the mistake of leveling Pally as holy, and it took me twice as long as it should have… however, I keep trying to play my alts and I usually end up sitting around chatting. I don’t know what it is but I am not enjoying my rogue like I used to. Perhaps it was the realization I was leveling her for no reason. Its not like I can ignore Pally… At least, not any time soon.

  5. I feel your pain. My 72 warrior is having a helluva time inching through wotlk. I knew I would tire of these levels as prot, so I went dps. It’s hard to tell if it makes a difference. Sure, I kill more mobs faster, but stopping to heal myself constantly is annoying and time consuming.
    Once I get to 80, I’ll probably switch back to prot for raiding and heroic dungeons.

  6. Yeah im a bit like that just now with my priest, log on for 20 mins then play DK or play for 10 mins go on Paladin.

  7. Happened again last night. Managed three bubbles and then went to bed. In my defense I did spend most of my day working on the van.

  8. Just hit 74. Took a good four or five hours. *sigh* But I made it! Tomorrow is raid night, then I have all of Friday off. Keep working at it, you’ll get there!

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