All the cool kids are doing it….

Looks like the Meme of the week is about screenshots.

It goes something like this: “post the sixth screenshot in your sixth folder and tell us about it.”

Turns out that since my old computer decided to cough out the blue smoke of doom I don’t really have that many screenshots. Those that I take for the blog I generally chop out what I need and delete them afterwards. Pictures of the contents of my bags for instance. Anywho this works out so that I only have one folder, so you will just have to settle for the sixth shot from that one.


When I started playing it was Horde side. My first three toons were all undead, and none made it past level 12. Then I played a Tauren, while I loved my Druid I never really got into Thunder Bluff as a city. I don’t know why, but it just never really clicked for me. Then I rolled my first Troll. I still remember the first time I came running into Orgrimmar. That city clicked for me, it was what a city should be. 

Even over a year after my defection to the Alliance side Orgrimmar remains my favorite city. I keep my retired 70 Troll Hunter there just so I can visit from time to time. Sometimes I will just log into him and go fish.

That is why I enjoyed the Wrathgate questline so much. One time, and one time only, my Alliance characters were allowed to run around Orgrimmar (a phased version with no vendors or other players) and just hang out. When Morham went there I spent a good hour hanging out, just fishing and goofing off.

This screenshot is of Morham standing right where I would always park my toons when they were there.

A human priest just sitting outside the bank in Orgrimmar. Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

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