People ask the oddest things

I was looking today at what some of the searches are that have found their way to my blog recently.  Since several of them are actually in the form of questions I figured I would take a shot at answering them.



Wtb marshmallows, pst

Dalaran free cooking fire where

Sounds like someone was looking for a free cooking fire. Personally I use the one in the room with the cooking trainer if I happen to be nearby. Other than that I make a habit of carrying either a Gnomish Army Knife or a Flint and Tinder with me all the time.  Ever since the requirement to have simple wood was removed from the cooking fire I just drop one wherever I am.


watch your step

watch your step

Hunters role in Naxx 10

Hunters have many responsibilities in Naxx. The main ones to worry about are blowing large holes in things and not standing in various walls of fire, noxious clouds, and other assorted things that make the healers grumpy.

In all seriousness Naxx (at least what I have seen of it) has been pretty straightforward on my hunter. I have not been tasked with any trapping or kiting,  Just Dpsing while not standing in things that kill me.


Duct tape for survival

Well, I doubt they found what they were looking for in the post about going over to survival on my hunter. 

Once upon a time I lived in hurricane country. Central Florida, New Orleans, North Carolina and Virginia to be exact. When I lived in those parts of the country we kept a plastic tote packed with a bunch of things that would come in really handy if we needed to be able to evacuate with a few hours notice. 

It held (amongst many other things) copies of important documents, some emergency cash,  a few simple tools, things to make a fire, a first aid kit, and of course…. duct tape. I had no particular thing in mind with the tape, it just seemed like something that belonged there.


Buying level 80 hunter.

Mine is not for sale.

Seriously, why are people still buying accounts? Not only is it against the rules it is just a waste of money. If even the super sped up leveling process is too hard on you then you need to learn to play as you level instead. If your attention span is so short that you cant commit to the time it takes to level to the cap how are you going to keep your focus on progression? What happens when you run into a real roadblock in raiding?

If you are bound a determined to spend your money do it through getting a second account and refer-a-friending your self. Then roll a couple of alts and dual box them, at least that way its legal.

2 Responses

  1. Don’t you need simple wood anymore? Seriously? I had missed that one! Must try to make a fire without it at once!
    I Dalaran I love to use the stove down in my favourite spot Underbelly. I especially have the habit of making the carrot dish there. Then you can instantly turn it in to the NPC. Having my stone there helps too ofc. I just HS up when I have picked the carrots.

  2. I like to cook my Northrend Stew after I pick up the jug of wine right there in the Legerdemain lounge at their potbellied stove. Then I turn around and give it to the bartender. Darn guy refuses to give me his recipe for Delicious Chocolate Cake. I may stop catering his functions 🙂

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