Yet another Wow Meme

I has been tagged!

Asara from Asara’s Mental Meanderings  (love the title by the way) sent this one my way.

Seems to me that these are meant to be RP-style questions asked to your WoW character. Since I don’t really RP much (read at all) the only character I ever managed to come up with any backstory at all for is my now semi-retired Troll hunter Dekado, I will be trying to answer from his point of view.

This should be amusing….

1. What is your name, and where did it come from?
Dekado be my name. I’s not sure whereabouts it came from. I was found abandoned as a child, was raised up in the orphanage in Orgrimmar before starting my journeys through the world. Probably explains why I don’t care much for people.

2. How old are you, and when is your birthday?
Not really sure when I was born, so I just figure my age from the day I ran away from the orphanage and started making my way in the world. On August 28th of 2005 I found myself in the valley of trials and that’s where I count from, so I be a solid 3 and a half years old.

3. Are you in love, and with whom?
Never have gotten into the company of others, much. Even if I had I would always have been an outsider. Love now mon, that can mean many things. I love my companion, Fluffy the undead Boar. I loves me my rifle. I loves me some wide open spaces. I spent way too much time in crowded places as a young-un, I don’t sleep well indoors anymore.

4. What is your favorite mount, and why?
I really like my raptor. No particular reason, other than him being faster than my last raptor.

5. Do you prefer a certain type of Azerothian meal, and where do you get it from?
I love to fish, it is so relaxing. I also I cook all of my own food. I prefer Blackened Dragonfin or Poached Northern Sculpin, Fluffy on the other hand will eat just about anything.

6. You know those giant mushrooms in Zangarmarsh? What is your theory on how they came to be, and why are they so huge?
I heard a rumor that those big pump looking things were really injectors pumping something called “Miracle-grow” into the ground there. True or not, if she would have put more effort into keeping the good guys out of her lair and less into gardening I would not be wearing her teeth as a necklace.

7. If you saw the Lich King walking toward you, what would you do?
I would likely stop everything I was doing, start a cooking fire, and sit warming myself while he rattled on about how important he is. Possibly even throwing in a bit about saving my killing for later. I suppose I am like a fine wine, I get better with age.

Seriously though, if you have your enemies in your grasp and just continue to mock them while they get more powerful you are a dumbass. He really needs to go read the 47 rules for the evil overlord paying particular attention to numbers 6 and 13, because he fails at it.

**Bonus Questions from Syrana’s page!**

8. Be honest, how many times have you used the Grizzly Hills outhouse without any real reason?
Actually, I am semi retired now. While you folks are off softening up Northrend for me, I am sitting in worlds end tavern taking it easy. I have never made it to the Grizzly Hills, although it is on my list of things to do. Right after this beer, honest.

9. Would you steal ice cream from a Human child?
Given the opportunity, probably. They are pretty safe from me though. Not only am I not welcome in Stormwind, I don’t like city’s at all.

I’m going to tag Ratters from Need More Rage and Andrea from Altaholics R Us. Purely for selfish reasons, since I like reading thier posts.

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