Now this would be some drama….

I had a thought this morning, probably as the result of too much coffee in a quiet basement office. I was thinking back to a couple years back. Something that happened to a friends guild.

They were running SSC pretty regularly and had two teams going through Kara every week, usually single night clears. Things were chugging along nicely, and then came to a screeching halt.

I was not there to see it (I was guilded elsewhere), but apparently one of the healers got into a nasty argument with one of the raid leaders while running heroics. A little bit of looking around later the healer found himself a new guild to run with.

That’s when the drama hit. That healer was close friends with two other healers and one of the tanks. You can see where this is going. All four of them left to go to the new guild.

Suddenly the guild that was knocking on finishing SSC was having a hell of a time fielding a single 10 man for Kara, much less putting together a 25. 

The guild did some recruiting and recevered nicely. The thing that sticks in my mind though is how much disruption even a small group can be within a guild.

Then my mind started to wander (if you see it tell it to be home before the streetlights come on) and I came up with this scenario.


Picture this. You are a guild leader, a raid leader, or in some other form or fashion in a leadership position within your guild.

Officers chat, which is normally pretty quiet, starts rolling. The things being said make little sense, you can tell you are only getting part of the conversation.

Messaging one of those talking, you are told that you really should be in vent.

Like right now.

Logging into vent you see most of the officers corps gathered in a private channel, along with all four of your guilds tanks. You hop in and drop right into the middle of a firestorm.

The tanks are demanding the guild cover all the costs of their raid related consumables and repairs. Their leverage? if you don’t pay up, they won’t tank for you.

They seem to have well reasoned arguments that show how much higher their bills are in relation to others, and claim this is unfair treatment.

You don’t pay, they claim they will go on strike. They will shut down your raid.

You have until raid time on tomorrows fresh reset to make you decision.


Sitting there thinking about it you realise it could have just as easily been you healing corps that decided to do this, in fact it likely will be them next if you give in to the tanks. Probably followed soon after by some of your highest output dps. Soon the guild will be expected to pay every ones way, and that simply can’t happen.

Putting together a mental checklist you look at your options.

1. Give in, give them what they want so the raid goes off this week. Hope they don’t ask for more, and hope nobody else decides to try the same thing.

2. Tell them that that will not fly, they pay their own way like everyone else. If they are bluffing you’ll know soon enough. After all, you can always kick them if they are not bluffing.

3. Drop a /gkick at each one of them and start looking for more tanks. If needs be you can always call off raiding for a week or two, surely the guild will understand.

4. Give in for the time being. Start actively recruiting tanks to replace them, planning to stop the deal once you have enough tanks to go without them.

There is a call for an officers meeting the next day, giving everyone time to sleep on it and see if anything else presents itself before decision time.

After sleeping on it you have decided what to do. What would it be?