Shh…. this is a stealth post.

Last night I actually found a few minutes to play that were not already consumed with another task. So in the interest of getting absolutely nothing accomplished I was just kind of running circles around Dalaran occasionally hitting trade chat with “[enchanting] Looking for work. My skill, your mats, i’ll pay you 10g if I skill up”. I mostly leveled enchanting to be able to do the ring self enchants and disenchant for the mats, but I am more than willing to pay out 200g for the last 20 points just to have it done.

My son was hanging out with me watching me goof around and asking questions about the game. He plans to pick up a copy and start playing this summer when he hits 13 years old, since he is not allowed to play before that. (that’s another story however, it’s much more than just his uptight parents). Anyhow, he was asking about the various play styles in the game.

I was already on my priest so I scooted out of town for a minute and healed someone I don’t even know through a group quest in dragonblight to show how healing worked. Then I pro ceded to kill a mob or two just to show how slow it was in comparison to the next toon.

Logging into my hunter I proceded to tear up some iron dwarves. Normally I would have just stayed there and finished leveling my bear. (named “Bare” by the way, “Poops in Woods” was too long.) I played around with trapping a bit, just generally showed what ranged dps looked like.

I logged into my druid next to show him a ranged caster and a (laughably misgeared and untalented) bear trying to tank. Since I am all of level 16 and all may talents and gear have been put towards balance it was interesting to say the least.

After a brief jump over to my old troll priest to show how different a shadow priest could be compared to my holy priest (he seemed to prefer shadow) I had answered all his questions except one.

He wanted to see how stealth worked, to see it in action.

My only character that is stealth capable is my druid, and he does not get the skill for 4 more levels. This left me with a choice of telling him to come back this weekend and see it or rolling a rogue and having it with about 15 minutes of running around the starting area.

To any who don’t know the first toon I ever rolled was a rogue. I think he made it to level 6 before getting parked in Orgrimmar as a banker for my other toons. He was squishy, he couldn’t kill anything, he had the confusing cool downs and combo points to remember, and worst of all everything I tried to sneak up on saw through my stealth! I found myself hating him, so as I said he got parked and later deleted.

So, in the interest of showing my son how it worked I rolled a rogue. I figured if nothing else she can take over being the “stands in Ironforge selling glyphs” duties from my death knight when his turn to get leveled comes. Whatever happens with the toon it’s time with my son, and that takes priority over my dislike of the rogue play style.

This time I knew a bit more than I did when my highest level toon had never left the starting area. Took a few minutes to read the tool tips on my shiny new skills and set up my toolbars, then started killing those pesky wolves and kobolds. “You no take candle!” is my sons new favorite phrase /sigh.

I got stealth somewhere around level 3 or 4 and proceeded to answer his questions about how it works. Going up to mobs of different levels to show how higher level mobs saw through more often. Just generally running around poking defias people in the back and taking their stuff. Then their was this funny sound.

I realised that I was almost done with the starting zone and had not died once.

I had not even come close.

Things were dying crazy fast and I had virtually no downtime.

I was playing a rogue and having fun doing it.

Lots of fun.

The noise was a paradigm shifting without a clutch.


By then it was time for Zac to go to bed. I did the unexpected (especially by me). Instead of deleting the toon I ran her to goldshire and parked her in the inn.

Then I logged my banker and sent her some bags, a couple level 3 healing pots I had laying about, and a few gold for odds and ends.

Looks like I managed to pick up yet another alt, and to break a misunderstanding of a class I had carried with me for years. Glad I took the time to come up with a halfway decent name and appearance for what was planned as a throwaway toon.

4 Responses

  1. Cool runnings with the rogue there! Just take small sips at a time, don’t indulge yourself with the steath goodies.

  2. I’m wearing my “You no take candle!” shirt today. Hubby got it for me for Christmas this year. 😀

    The highest I’ve gotten a rogue was level 23. I keep meaning to play one, but that gets lost in all the other stuff I want to do in the game and the very little time in which I generally have to do it. But I’m glad you had fun with it, I mean, that’s the whole point of the game, right? 🙂

  3. I know someone that did that EXACT same thing. The rogue is now 72. Oh wait…that was me!…lol

  4. My only toss up now is wether I level the rogue or go back to leveling my druid next. I think I will get the druid to 20 and try cat form on for size.

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