It seems like all I ever do anymore.

Some folks are waiting for new content, challenges they have not yet seen. Me? not so much. I rarely get to raid so actually I am still 3 bosses short of seeing Naxx completed. Other than that its Sarth pugs with no drakes up and VoA after wintergrasp (assuming we win).

Half the 5 mans that are out there right now I have not run either, heroic or not. Just have not managed to find a group for anything when I have the time to go.

Why then do I sit around waiting for the next patch to hit?

Why does it even matter?


I think a big part of it is wishing the dual spec feature was in place already.



My priest sits in Dalaran occasionally making glyphs for the auction house. Mostly sitting there, specced Holy, for the odd day that he is actually wanted for something. I would like it if he were able to switch out for Shadow Dps without it costing me 100g every time I decide to go heal something. Yes I know I could go do it, but I keep thinking to myself “If you just wait another week or two you can pay the 1000g once and be done with it.”

My guild is set for healers (and that’s a good thing, I am not bitching). The only downside is that I don’t get in on many guild runs with this toon. Since my raiding main is my hunter that is also what I would prefer to gear her up first, and others with healer mains would like the gear for them. Perfectly understandable on both counts.

Looking for group, while a wonderful comic (see sidebar), is not really a good place for a healer to find runs while gearing up. Seems most folks get it in their heads that when they armoury you you should already be over-geared for the instance and have all relevant achievements done or you are not worthy. I am going for the same reason they are, to clear the place, have fun,  and gear up my character.

Screw them, they can take bandages and health pots.

So there he sits in Dalaran, specced for healing, Waiting.


My hunter has been the busiest of all my toons lately. Like an ant I have spent lot of time gathering stacks of food for later use. Times when I will be a lot more pressed for time than I am now. I have grind-leveled one pet from 75 to 80 and am working on another who is 76 at the moment. The new one is Sherman the armored boar (always did love boars). I can’t help but think of the upcoming changes to pets while I work on him.

I can’t stop thinking about how much more efficient I will be after 3.1 goes live. My second spec will be Beastmastery for soloing to go with the Survival that I enjoy while raiding. Put that together with the pet changes that are coming and it makes me feel like I am wasting my time. Sherman will level much faster when he has thunderstomp for multi mob aggro, and when I can go Beastmastery so I can do more than autoshoot with viper on and not pull aggro.

Yes, I know, spec Beastmastery for soloing and pet leveling. I can always respec when raid time rolls around. If you thought that, you would be right. Once again I am looking at respeccing between one and three times per week depending on weather I am available for raiding on our three scheduled nights, and weather there is a spot for me if I am. That’s a pile of gold I just don’t want to part with. I just can’t help but think I am throwing away money on respecs now, and I should just sit in my raid spec and wait on everything else.

So there she sits in Dalaran, specced for raiding, Waiting.


I suppose I could simply respec one of my characters and go off and do things with them. The problem is that the one I really want to play solo is my hunter, and she is also my raiding main. I wanted one to solo with badly enough that I leveled a second one to 65 before word of dual specs was released. Now I just can’t seem to get into leveling him again. I know that dual specs are coming, and in all likelihood he would not even make 80 before they go live. Once they do the point of having two level capped hunters of the same faction on the same server is kind of lost.

Once again, it would seem like a waste of time. The only way I can think to justify it would be by leveling that hunter to 80, gearing him up so that he would not be a complete joke, and then transferring him to a friends server as a high level “play me once in a blue moon” type alt. As much fun as that would be, I just can’t see me doing it quite yet. Not without a definite goal in mind.

So there he sits in Negrand, gathering dust, Waiting.


Word has it that the patch will go live on either the 14th or the 21st. Both are guesses, but I think they are good ones. Educated ones at least. My personal thought is that it will go live a week from today on the 14th, but hey I am just some schmuck with a keyboard and a loud mouth.

I suppose I could just take a week or two off of raiding, respec beastmastery and try to go solo the old world.

I could even change my raiding main to be my priest. Actually when dual specs hit he will be much more versatile than my hunter. I also already have a half assed decent set of shadow gear built so I don’t have to go as a healer.

I could take a week or two off of the game as well. If I walked away for a while the world would still be there when I got back. Then I would really have something in common with my characters.

I would be sitting around, watching history channel reruns, Waiting.

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  1. My healer is at 66 and waiting for the dual spec because holy is not a good leveling spec. My pally is at 74 waiting for the 3.1 because while I dont mind tanking. I would prefer to walk through a instance and see how the pulls are and the bosses react. Again as prot it does not allow you to do that. So in the mean time I fart around with a surv hunter FDing a lot and playing my DK which is more forgiving with the spec and ability to tank and dps with the specs. Come on 3.1 lol

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