My paradigm shifted without a clutch

I changed my mind.

It happens.

Sometimes the circumstances change, sometimes it’s my attitude that does. This time I think it was a little of both.

 I have run both a priest and a couple of hunters up to the level cap and raided with both of them. I always preferred Dpsing to healing, although I do enjoy both. I suppose I favored Dps because my kooky availability meant that I would miss most raids.

I know from experience that Dps is much easier to replace on short notice. Not wanting to leave the group hanging I have usually considered my hunter to be my raiding main. I would keep the priest sitting in Shat (now in Dalaran) repaired and ready to go just in case a healer was needed, but the hunter was always my first choice.

Then came dual specs and all the thought that went into it.

My paradigm has shifted.

It now makes better sense for me to do both Dps and healing with the same character. The biggest reason for this is gear. The more often I bring a single toon into an instance run the more often that toon will get upgraded gear. With the dual specced priest (deep shadow and deep holy in my case) I can gather gear for both specs at the same time.

Simply put, off spec actually means something now.

My hunter is a lot more fun when running solo than the priest. Actually other than questing my way to 80 and doing some fishing I simply do not like playing my priest solo.

So there I have it, my mind has changed.

My dual specced priest will now be the one to go dungeon crawling with. He was created, leveled, and always meant to be in a group. With a group he will stay.

My hunter on the other hand. The flavor of the month is gone. Survival no more she is back to beastmastery where she belongs. Anything else just felt wrong. Specced and geared for soloing instances it’s now Drupadi and her pets, alone against the world.

The way it was always ment to be.

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