This is what happens when I start thinking

Ever start to feel like there is nothing much left you can do in game? I know the game is ginormous, there is always something to do. There is a shiny new raid, a new tourney with a pile of new dailys, all kinds of stuff. Still it feels like there is not much going on.

I just wonder if I am the only one who logs in, checks the AH, and then wonders what to do. Apparently not, just read trade chat some time.

Both my priest and my huntress are 80.

Both are geared well enough that the vast majority of their upgrades are through raiding or badges.

If I can’t set aside a block of time where I know I won’t have to walk away randomly to like, you know… be a parent and stuff… I can’t really commit to a heroic or a pug raid. It is not fair to the others in the group.

So what is a person to do?

Level an alt of course!

You see,  a beautiful thing happened in patch 3.1, for me at least. I actually benefits more than just me by far. Anyone who wants to level an alt faster without paying for a second account should be quite pleased.

The 10% bonus to experience from the heirloom shoulders will now apply to both monsters killed and quest experience.

That is a beautiful thing.

 I am still waiting for the BOA 90 day trinket that gives 300% XP and allows you to not consume rested status. Naturally it does not work above level 60. I won’t ever see it, but I can dream right?

Anyhow, I actually picked up a pair of those shoulders a while back. I intended them to be used for leveling my druid alt, so of course I got the cloth ones.

Why cloth you ask? Simple. I know this will not be the only alt I ever level, cloth can be worn by everyone.

Hell, If I remember correctly they are currently on my pally. I think they look funny on my death knight, but I don’t care. 10% is 10%. Any time I go to play an alt I find them on the character screen, log in, and mail them to the one I will be playing.

Now that I am thinking of alts, I am thinking more and more of this blogs namesake. Dechion is currently sitting at a very rested 65 in Zangermarsh. I am apparently nuts for wanting to do this, but I think he will be leveled next.

Why do I want two max level Draeni hunters on the same server? Who the hell knows.

Maybe I just want to be able to farm anything I want. Drupadi is mining and engineering, while Dechion is skinning and herbing. Between the two I could gather just about anything I needed for crafting.

Maybe I will level him up and then transfer him to a different server. Someplace where I would like to have a max level alt to tinker with from time to time.

Either way, it sounds like a plan.

Dech, you hear me? Get your levelin’ shoulders on, it’s time to get the hell out of Outlands.


Note:  To any of my guildies that may stumble acress this. No, I am not planning to leave Draenor.

2 Responses

  1. I actually picked up the cloth-spelldamag- one, and the leather-melee-dps one.

    That will cover all classes and specs.

  2. @Gowron

    Exactly the same thing I plan to do. So far I have the cloth spelldamage one, and I think I am like 10 badges or so shy of getting the leather attack power one.

    I suppose I really should run a few heroics and take care of that.

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