Way beyond grumpy

Dear Blizzard,

The Instructor fight in Naxx has brought something to my attention.

I suck at tanking.

I have no idea what you were smoking when you designed the encounter . Hell some folks might even love it.

I don’t.

If I wanted to tank I would not have rolled a flippin PRIEST. Holy crap! that almost makes sense!

In the mood I left the game tonight I am seriously considering deleting the priest, just so I never have to deal with that again.

Screw you Instructor.

Screw you with a telephone pole.

Covered in tar.

Dipped in shattered glass.

And set on fire.


/deep breath

Ok, rant over. I am going to bed now.

With any luck, I’ll feel differently tomorrow.

If not, I’m done.

7 Responses

  1. I like the idea of new experiences being exposed via special fights. But the Raz fight scares me. I’ve never done it, and while I’ve tanked I’ve never considered that my new priest might be called to Tank the boss using MC.

    I wish there was a simulator or toy that would help me learn to do it; without wiping my friends a few times.

  2. The pressure must be quite terrible. TBH I’m glad they didn’t get the idea that it was a mage thing to do…

  3. While I admit that the idea of trying new things out via special fights does have a certain appeal I still don’t have to like it.

    It’s morning now, and I am still pissed off. At least I am no longer mad enough to type D-E-L-E-T-E and make him go bye-bye.

    I don’t know what the hell was going wrong last night, we have simply never had those problems before.

    The gist of this is that I play Dps for a reason. I will switch out to heal (dual spec holy) but I simply hate tanking. I don’t want to be “that guy” that repetedly wipes the raid.

    I think Typhoon Andrew had a really good idea. Every other gimmick fight int he game seems to have a daily quest that lets you practice without running up 24 other peoples repair bills.

    Perhaps we need a daily quest, maybe even a 2 or 3 person group daily, that would let us practice these skills outside the raid environment.

    Something… anything… would be better than being forced to look like an ass as you learn on the fly.

  4. Aw Brad, it wasn’t that bad and not entirely your fault. It was a bad night in general, MCs broke for both priests, and Bella was waiting a little too long to call for a taunt. We’ll get him another day, but no worries, I won’t make you do the MC if you don’t want to.

  5. @AltoholicsRUs

    I’ll do it again, and I’ll get better at it. It’s just that I have no way to practice outside the raid. It just frustrates me when things go like they did.

    When I had trouble trapping as a hunter I went out and taught myself chain trapping on the ogres of negrand.

    When there was an issue learning the timing for shackling in Kara I went out and taught myself to chain shackle.

    If I want to learn mount driving for Uldar there is Wintergrasp and Strand.

    If I need to learn mounted combat there are the dragon riding dailies.

    I am sure that the jousting skills being learned in the argent tournement will be put to use later. I am betting on the new 5 man coming next patch.

    With Mind Control I can go out and mind control mobs, but there is no analouge to actually trying to tank with them.

    Thats my complaint. Blizz put a required skill into the game and gave no where to practice it.

  6. My trick is to make sure I put /focus on the boss. I can never find him amongst all the people around and so this means all I have to do is click on him and run in the direction of the mob I know hes in.

    And to make sure your tanks keep the spare add in the same place so all you have to do is turn round and grab.

    But I agree is horrible sometimes. When Mind Control breaks its normally a diaster because you have to reorient yourself while the mob runs at you! Its not like Shackle or most other cc that you can recast. I think most preists have a love-hate relationship with Mind Control.

  7. Lol, mine is more of a hate/hate relationship.

    I have been working with my old shackle macro and setting it up with my focus as my add, that way I can reaquire him quickly.

    Since I can only focus one thing I just asked my raid lead to put a mark on the boss so he is easier to pick out of the crowd.

    Than again I have not been back inside so much as a five man since I hearthed out of Naxx a week ago.

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