I have a problem

There was a time, not so very long ago, that I could do all four of the things I like in Wow in a way that they would avoid the few things I hate. Sadly, this is no longer the case.

I enjoy leveling and tinkering around with alts, probably more than anything else. I can still do this. Actually I can do it much more efficiently than ever before (leveling shoulders are made of win).  No real problems here.

I also enjoy raiding. I don’t have many blocks of time to actually do it, but I am all about it when I can. I can even kind of keep up gear wise through VoA and bind on equips from the newer zones.

I have found the auction house to be a pleasant distraction. Not only freeing my from the endless grind of cash for raiding and alt leveling, but as an interesting thing in it’s own right. I started to get cash for my epic flyer, now I simply have fun goofing around in there.

I enjoy battle ground PvP, and herein lies my problem.

Once upon a time, the best PvP gear could be had from actually playing battlegrounds. I was not a huge fan, I never had a full set of gear, but I picked up a few odd pieces with the honor that I had gained. Those helped out quite a bit.

Now in order to get PvP gear of decent quality I am forced to do one of two things.

I can run VoA till my eyes bleed, often with a pug full of people that likely have problems dressing themselves in the morning. This is not really my idea of fun. I have run it every week though on both of my 80’s and managed to win exactly one drop. Besides, now I am doing PvE for my PvP gear. That just seems ridiculous.

If that is not working (and it isn’t) my only other option is to join an arena team and hope for a good score. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but getting roflstomped ten times a week by folks with better gear and 6 seasons of experience does not sound like fun. Particularly when I have tried arena and found that I hate it.

Actually hate is not a strong enough word.

I would rather shave my face with sandpaper and rinse it off with alcohol than do that again.

Therein lies my problem. Arena is fine for those who like to play it, but kindly don’t force it down my throat. I simply want to be decently geared for battlegrounds with gear I can get from battlegrounds.

Really, Blizz, is that too much to ask?