I was wrong

Yesterday I posted a bit about the lack of PvP gear available outside of arena play. I also mentioned that I don’t particularly care for arena play, preferring battle grounds. That part has not changed.

What has changed, at least from my perspective, is the ability to get gear. It still will not be easy nor quick, but I can accept that. Season 5 gear, the armor at least, is available for purchase with honor. Two of the pieces are going for a bit over 31K honor points each, while the other three are going for just under 50K apiece. Along the way there are several pieces of gear I can buy using wintergrasp marks.

It might take me a while to farm up 210,000 honor, but it is doable without ever setting foot into an arena match. I will have a decent set of armor and can start looking into weapons and such later. Either way, it is possible.

In short, I was wrong.

One Response

  1. Yep, those pieces are relatively easy to get, actually, as gaining honour is much quicker these days. I puchased all but two of my full Hateful set with honour. (One piece was won in VoA and another bought with a combo of honour/arena points.) Wintergrasp is pure win for loads of honour, and the gear from there is pretty nice, too..especially the trinkets. =)

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