Farewell old friend

Haze gray and underway

Haze gray and underway


In the predawn light there was a shape in the mist, the shadow of a great warship waiting. She sat like a ghost, cold, dark, and quiet. As the sun came slowly over the horizon the mists cleared.

Once the pride of her squadron, her grey paint is now cracked and flaking.

Once a hive of activity housing hundreds of sailors the once great warship sat abandoned and alone.

She had served proudly for decades, and now had one last mission assigned to her. She would help train the next generation of sailors. She would participate in the most realistic training you can have, a live fire exercise. She would be in on the sinking of a warship.

One last time whe would be the center of attention, she was the guest of honor.

Rest in Peace Conolly (2/19/77 - 4/29/09)

Rest in Peace Conolly (2/19/77 - 4/29/09)

450  Cannon shells

6  Cruise missiles of assorted styles

4  Torpedoes

2  High explosive rockets.

She sat abandoned and alone, anchored in place, unable to run. Her crew was gone, she had no way to fight back, no one to plug the holes and put out the fires. No one to save her. No hope.

For six long hours she endured the beating. Finally, back broken, she slipped beneath the waves to her final resting place.

Goodbye old friend, you served well.

Rest in peace.

2 Responses

  1. /salute

    I find it difficult to believe some day, the beaut I helped commission and put out on her first two deployments will one day share that fate.

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