My Death Knight should drive for NASCAR

My playtime for the better part of the last week can be summed up right there.

After I realised that I planned to keep playing this particular character (Diashan the DK) I sat down and decided on professions. Looking at the fact that I have no other high level characters on that server I decided on a pair that would both benefit me with their buffs and allow me to make a decent amount of cash without a huge amount of farming. This is an alt on a second server after all.

I decided on Jewelcrafting and Mining. There is good synergy between the two and they both provide solid buffs at level 80. Not to mention I can farm the auction house for cash later on with Jewelcrafting and will have a titansteel cooldown to use/sell.

So there came a time, shortly after visiting my skill trainers, that I started running laps.

First came Elwynn Forest with it’s nodes of copper, Then came Thousand Needles with it’s tin.

As I moved up in skill I headed over to the Arathi Highlands and scoured the caves there for iron and lesser bloodstone ore.

I ran circles around the Hinterlands gathering skill points and mithril until I could nearly run the laps without looking. Of course it does not help that I ran 3 full circuits without a single skill-up at 225. Yep, dumb ass forgot to go train.

Now I am sitting in the Eastern Plaugelands running laps looking for thorium.

That’s where I noticed it last night. When I am running I always go counterclockwise. I don’t know why, I just do. I run and run, always turning left.



Always turning left… My Death Knight should drive for NASCAR.

Or maybe he is just that guy ahead of you on the freeway. You know the one… the one with his left turn signal on for 200 miles.

One Response

  1. LMAO!

    Then again, my mining/gathering toons run the circles clockwise, which is the F1 way… hmm…

    C out

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