Apparently I am Insane

I have not played much lately. Actually to the point someone called to make sure I was ok, which I am.

Something I have noticed about Wow is that without some form of goal I simply don’t want to play. Goals are not as easy to come by as they once were. Once upon a time it was leveling up, seeing things for the first time.

Gathering the cash for my first mount was a goal.

So was getting to 60, than 70, and finally 80.

Then gearing up for raiding, first on my main and then on my other 80.

Leveling trade skills kept my interest for a while, then I discovered the auction house.

Now I find that I log in and have nothing to do.

Both of my level 80’s are as geared as they need to be for Naxx 25 / Uldar 10. They could probably put up a decent showing in Uldar 25 as well.  Not hard mode stuff, but the instance itself. Farming additional gear for them is kinda pointless.

I PvP in Wintergrasp every once in a while. If I happen to log in and a match is starting in 10 or 15 minutes I will go. I don’t plan to set my alarm and log back in for a match in an hour and a half. Battlegrounds are annoyingly repetitive and the rewards are not even close to being worth my effort.

I despise daily quests. I have done very few repgrinds throughout the years I have played Wow. Sons of Hodir (Aka Sons ‘o Bitches) to exalted on one character and the Isle of Q’eldanas faction as far as honored on two. I leveled inscription on my priest specifically so I would not have to do those quests ever again. Hell, when I went to Uldar on him a few weeks ago I had to fly my mount there and pick up flight points along the way… I had never even been in the zone before.

I generally don’t have the ability to focus my attention 100% on the game for hours at a sitting. This has really cut into my instancing and raiding. It would be unfair to the group to have them sitting about waiting for me, or worse yet having to bail suddenly and leave them hanging. That being said, I don’t instance much anymore.

I have tried leveling various alts (and will likely continue) but I have found it’s more of the same. Faceroll my way to 80, purchase a set of starter gear, and start the heroic / Naxx pug grind for more gear.  It’s getting old too, same quests, same complaints about them (12 boars and only one liver? wtf blizz?)

Lately it has come up that some people are concerned with the ethics and morality choices their characters make. Torturing folks, exterminating whole herds of critters, even going into the caves critters live in to kill them and steal their loot. They argue that we are essentially mercenaries. Killers for hire to anyone with a yellow exclamation point above their heads.

Those folks are right.

For the most part I don’t mind. I recognise this is a game, not reality. I do know the difference.

This brings me to my latest goal. I don’t want to be a mercenary. I don’t want to be a killer. On one toon at least I want my conscience to be clear. Last night I logged in for the first time in a week and created a new character.

Deck the Druid has made level 3 so far….. and has not killed a thing.

I wonder how far I can take him.