A few observations…. and a choice to be made.

I know I said I would not be posting much, yet here I am again tapping away at the keyboard. I simply wanted to point out how I have apparently thought myself into a box with my new baby druid. Who knows, maybe a few people can get a chuckle out of it.

Normally at level 10 I can do a fairly long quest chain that ends with unlocking Bear form. Unfortunately this quest requires me to summon a mob named Lunaclaw, kill it, and talk to it’s ghost. Since I have decided that I will not kill with this character I don’t think I am going to be able to complete this quest. I suppose it depends on whether there is another druid in the zone doing it. I could always try healing for someone else if that is the case.

Otherwise, I suppose there is always Dire bear form at 40.

I won’t really be using Bear all that much on the way up anyway. I plan on relying mostly on my Night Elf form and my cat form once I get it. My strengths will be stealth and healing. Avoiding mobs or healing through damage. Any instancing, group quests,  or battlegrounds I do will be as a healer.

Actually as soon as I can start doing battleground dailies I am going to be running at least one a day for the experience.

Speaking of experience I have a choice to make.

I plan to send a set of the + 10% BOA shoulders over for this character from my main characters on Draenor. Actually sending a pair requires the transfer of a character, and I have no problem with that. Well, other than the money. Originally I had intended to write this post to help decide which of my hunters I would transfer over.

Would it be the moderately geared (half Naxx, half BoE with a scattering of quest blues) level 80 hunter or the still leveling level 70 hunter with the outlands clown suit still on?

As of right now I plan to send the 70, but we shall see I suppose. I won’t be doing anything till next week at least.

2 Responses

  1. You may run into a problem with Dire Bear Form – it’s possible that it requires Bear Form to purchase. Basically the same way you can’t buy Shadowbolt II without buying Shadowbolt I first.

    Not sure, though.

  2. That thought occured to me as well.

    I am honestly not sure if bear is required to get dire bear or not. Depending on the availibility of another druid doing the quest while I am in the zone we may just find out the hard way.

    I am also going to have to be very careful using entangleing roots for crowd control since they do some damage. I would not want to root something to death by accident.

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