It’s all about time


A finite resource.

There are only so many hours in a day, only so many days in a year, only so many years in a lifetime.

Time is a luxury I don’t often have.


Last night I made level 8 on my Druid-that-doesn’t-kill project (hereafter known as the Dtdk). Just curious I decided to check my /played time. I know that normally with a class I am familiar with I can make level 10 in a bit over 2 hours, perhaps slightly longer for a Hunter. Something to do with not having a pet yet.

Anyhow, I looked down and noticed I was sitting at 10 hours played…. to reach level 8. At ten hours played I am usually sitting at close to level 20. It is taking me approximately 5 times longer to level this way. 

It normally takes me about 4 months to level a new character from the starting zone to the cap. At the rate I am leveling this character will take well over a year, and that is if I spend all my time on leveling him. That’s more time than I am willing to spend, the price tag is simply too high.

Then I started thinking more about the types of quests I am doing. The sneaking in places to get items, using shadowmeld as a limited version of stealth. Carrying things to and fro is not really a problem, but with no mount old world is flippin huge. Despite spending most of my time running I am having fun with these quests, particularly the sneaky ones.

I would be having more fun at level 20 or better so i could have true stealth with cat form, but I digress.

Looking at the quests that are going to open up soon I noticed a trend. As soon as they open I am going to have to start doing dailies. By that I mean battleground dailies. I was looking at having to run battlegrounds every single day for over a year.

I hate battlegrounds.

If it’s not Alterac Valley or Wintergrasp I want nothing to do with it.

That’s when I realised that the Dtdk project, while doable, is not for me. I would end up doing too many things I hated and missing out on too much of what I like doing (running 5 mans with friends for instance).

Before that happens I am pulling the plug on this one.

This concludes the Dtdk project.