Blah, I need a drink

The more I read the less I like about the patch.

For the moment the thing ticking me off the worst is my most favorite of professions, Engineering.

I have always had fun with it, and really hoped to continue to do so. After reading the changes I am very seriously thinking of dropping it in favor of something useful. Basket weaving perhaps. I have kept it around forever hoping for a few perks.

We finally got the chopper, then again so does anyone else with the cash to buy one.

We finally got our portable mailbox, then again all you really need now is a squire.

The repair bots were nice once upon a time, then again I have not dropped one since hitting Northrend.

We finally got our portable bank…. Oh, wait thats the squire again.

The goblin army knife was cool and all, especially the flint and steel part. Don’t really need that anymore, but at least it has built in jumper cables. Not that I ever use them, or that they ever work when I do.

We got a really nice crafted gun in the Nessingwery 4000. Wait, my bad that’s BoE. I can just buy one.

The transporters got a decent buff, they no longer count as trinkets. That will save a few seconds every time I need to go to Gadgetzan or Toshleys Station. Oh, that’s right, I have no need to go there. Then again my Argent Crusade Banner and tabard will be able to transport me to the tourney grounds. Perhaps I will go with the one that gets me to the correct continent.

There are the health and mana injectors that save bag space… except that now potions stack to 20 also. Never mind.

Well, to be fair the injectors will have 125% effect on engineers. That’s a good thing, right?

Well, we do have gizmos that let you run really fast and breath under water. Those may actually come in handy at some point.

There are a goodly number of things that will help out in PvP. The welding beam that heals friendly mechanical targets is a good example, so are the bombs that will now do more siege damage.

Too bad I rarely PvP.

Wait! I know what keeps me with Engineering!

I don’t have a helm to replace my goggles with.

That’s it.

Give me a helm and I am gone.


I think I will be going over to Alchemy as soon as I find a new hat. One hour flasks are a nuisance, and double the potion effect beats the hell out of 125%.

And a squire, can’t forget the squire.

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