Tempus fugit

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Wow-blog reading with a bit of writing from Dechion’s fleshy real life avatar. This guy seems to think that the anniversary of his getting married some two decades ago now rates a mention on this decidedly Wow related blog. I tried to argue with him, but he can be remarkably persistent.

Well, since he pays for the Internet connection I suppose I should humor him. We can always get back to Wow tomorrow, after all it will still be there.

Here is a little bit ‘o something he wrote for his lovely wife.


Twenty years seems like such a long time,

Really it’s just a drop in the bucket.

Like a snowball rolling downhill gathering upon itself.

Days add to days,  years to years, decades to decades. 


All the small things that make up a life add together

Until one day looking back through the lens of memory, 

You realise that you have shared so much together

you can no longer even imagine being apart.


Half a lifetime ago something wonderful happened.

We gazed at one another, exchanged rings,  and said “I do”.

It may not have always been the smoothest ride,

But I would not have missed it for the world.